acquiesce - December 9th, 2021

Why You Can Trust Acquiesce Rehab

If you are considering choosing an addiction treatment facility for yourself, a friend or family member it is important that you choose rehabilitation treatment that is specifically designed to provide the tools required for successful and long lasting recovery.

Here is why you can count on Acquiesce to provide the right kind of addiction recovery treatment for you or your loved one…

Our Team of Experienced Addiction Specialists

At Acquiesce, we have a team of trained and experienced staff, many of whom have had personal experiences with addiction and recovery themselves, making them all the much more dedicated to helping you or your loved one on a successful road to recovery.

Our Senior Practitioner, Tina Mccoy MBPSSS has extensive experience in coordinating the recovery journey of our residents and families affected by substance misuse and affiliated issues. 

She is also an esteemed graduate member of the British Psychological Society and is talented in understanding the workings of the addicted brain, refusing to let any of our residents go through the treatment programme without addressing each aspect of their behavioural issues associated with their addiction. 

Along with her other qualifications Tina is also a Member of the Federation of Drug & Alcohol Practitioners (FDAP) and holds an NCFE Substance Misuse and Mental Health Award. This is why you can count on her to coordinate the right treatment for you or your loved one, leading to a long lasting, sustainable recovery.

Evidence Based Therapies

The Acquiesce rehab programme allows individuals to recognise, offer an understanding of, and provide solutions to the psychological aspect of addiction. This is achieved through a combination of evidenced based therapies, approaches and activities which are delivered by our highly trained and experienced team in both group and one to one settings. 

Tailored Treatment

The rehab programme of therapies is tailored to suit each individual and their specific needs and is designed to provide all the tools and techniques necessary to change the negative psychological patterns associated with addiction. The Acquiesce urban recovery rehab model allows individuals to implement and practice these in the real world while being in a safe and supported environment. This results in aiding a healthy, on-going and sustainable recovery journey.

Family Support

At Acquiesce, we offer a range of family support that includes family psychoeducation as well as update calls to loved ones. We do this because evidence shows that including family as part of an individual’s treatment programme can be an important factor in the effectiveness and success of their treatment.

Support for families during addiction has a number of benefits and provides all those concerned with a deeper understanding of addiction and recovery, offering clarity and more protective ways to manage issues.

Fantastic Facilities

At Acquiesce, we aim to provide the best possible facilities to assist with recovery. Our private and luxurious accommodation offers an urban recovery model that helps you to integrate into the community during your recovery. 

  • Spacious single occupancy rooms with double beds.
  • Some of our rooms offer en suites or there are bathrooms shared by a maximum of one other person. 
  • Maintained garden area
  • Living area and kitchen with all modern amenities, pots, pans and crockery. All you need to do is purchase the food and cook it.
  • Housekeeping service.
  • WiFi access.

Our High Success Rate

Over the years, drug rehab experts have affirmed, repeatedly, that residential treatment at a private clinic works better than any other treatment option available. 

A study published by the NHS’ National Treatment Agency for Substance Misuse UK in 2012 also looked at the success rates of every private clinic across the UK. It found that the best performing facilities achieve success rates of between 60% and 80% of individuals receiving residential treatment remained abstinent five years after completing their programmes  and this couldn’t be more true for Acquiesce. 

We have a very high success rate, with many of our residents going on to have a successful and long lasting recovery. Don’t just take our word for it, you can find all of our glowing testimonials left by residents over the years here.

Here’s what Chris had to say about us last month:

“I went to Acquiesce once I had exhausted every avenue that I had. I was desperate and in need of help. They gave me all the answers that I’d been looking for. If I hadn’t gone to Acquiesce I honestly do not know where I would be today. Thankfully I did and I’m now writing this having not used any mind altering substance for 21 months. 

The staff at Acquiesce are fantastic. They have an amazing understanding of your situation and are more than willing to help. I would like to give Steve Downs a mention as he really did help me a lot, however all staff more than played their part! If you are reading this thinking there is no way out please give them a call you’ve got nothing to lose! Thank you again to all at Acquiesce.”

If you are struggling with an addiction and would like to schedule a free consultation with Acquiesce or find out more about our programmes, please call 01204 771940 or submit an entry form. Get the right kind of support today.

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