Why Acquiesce?



Accredited, Regulated & Governed Service

Acquiesce is registered and regulated by CQC – Care quality commission, who are an independent regulator of health and social care in England.

This ensures safe, effective, compassionate, high-quality care with values of excellence and integrity. We are also reportable to the National treatment agency (public health England).  All members of the Acquiesce team are highly experienced and qualified in their roles underpinned by various governing bodies. All of this provides confidence that you will receive the highest standard of care delivered by professionals in their field in an environment of high standards.



Private Service Offering Affordable Luxury 

Acquiesce is a private treatment facility offering luxury and comfort at an affordable price. Our rehab is furnished to a high standard throughout offering a sleek modern finish while retaining a therapeutic ambience.

Our residential rehab accommodation is modern, spacious and homely. It provides all residents with large single occupancy bedrooms and is well furnished.  All of this provides a truly inspiring and practical space for healing and recovery.



Intimate Service 

At Acquiesce we believe in individually focused treatment. We are able to deliver this as we maintain low resident numbers.

This allows for consistent high levels of personal support, through one to one therapy giving the opportunity to build strong therapeutic relationships. This also provides improved confidentiality and discretion.



Eclectic Programme 

At Acquiesce our core programme addresses the psychological, physical, spiritual and social effects of addiction. It incorporates the latest evidence based interventions alternative therapies and activities.

These include biopsychosocial interventions, cognitive behavioural therapy approaches, motivational interviewing, 12 step approaches, yoga, acupuncture, psycho-education and much more. The rehab program is tailored to meet the individual’s needs in order to provide both a successful and enjoyable experience.



Urban Recovery Model

Individuals are often most vulnerable once leaving traditional residential rehab treatment models and returning to the community. Remaining abstinent from substances while in full such facilities is made as easy as possible as individuals are protected from temptation through being removed from society. Returning home after rehab and reintegrating back into a community setting removes the favourable conditions that have so far supported their abstinence all too often leading to relapse.

The Urban Recovery rehab model focuses on providing a discreet, highly supported and safe environment, within the community, allowing individuals to fully engage in treatment. Whilst not being hidden from the real world individuals gain all the tools and experience necessary whilst maintaining a carefully monitored level of autonomy and responsibility over their own recovery.  The rehab model supports the notion that each individual possesses a propensity to arrest their addiction given the right environment and conditions. This makes any transitional period from treatment a much smoother process resulting in a more sustainable recovery journey.