Heroin Rehab Centre


Heroin is one of the most serious drug addictions, with devastating impacts on the life of the person addicted and their loved ones.  

Our friendly team offer 100% discretion in our rehabilitation centre in Bolton. Every person is treated as an individual and we will help you to identify the causes and emotional triggers behind the addiction and how to manage them. If you are suffering from heroin addiction and are ready to give up the substance and significantly improve your quality of life, contact us for your free consultation today. 

For family members and friends, witnessing a loved one deteriorate due to heroin addiction can be devastating but you should not have to face it alone. Here at Acquiesce, we offer a safe environment and recovery programme to help people get their lives back on track. You can be as involved in the person’s recovery as you like too, our urban recovery model is designed to make transitioning from residential rehab back into society as smooth as possible, so we encourage support from family members and friends.


Signs of heroin addiction 

Heroin addiction is one of the most difficult addictions to hide and often takes over a person’s life. There are many physical and psychological signs, including: 

●     Possession of syringes, needles and related paraphernalia

●     Wearing long sleeved clothing in warm weather (to hide track marks)

●     Significant weight loss

●     Constipation

●     Regularly showing flu-like symptoms

●     Exhaustion

●     Thoughts of hopelessness and despair

●     Hepatitis C and HIV/AIDS

●     Drastic mood swings

●     Angry outbursts

●     Being arrested/imprisonment

●     Social isolation

●     Job loss


Detox and rehabilitation 

Trying to suddenly quit heroin can be dangerous and extremely distressing, with notoriously difficult withdrawal symptoms. We strongly encourage anyone wanting to give up the substance to seek professional help. Our friendly, non-judgemental team of experts can help you to safely remove heroin from your system (known as the detoxification process) and start to rebuild your life through our rehabilitation programme. 

We use the latest methods and techniques in therapy to help you understand the source of the addiction and change your mindset and behaviour. We will also help you to integrate back into society, rebuilding your life and managing temptations and emotional triggers.


Our treatment centre 

Our urban recovery model offers the best chances of recovery for people with a heroin addiction. Our accommodation offers affordable luxury, in a setting not too far removed from home. We believe that a large house in the countryside, which is where many rehab centres are located, is simply too far removed from a person’s everyday life and when they leave that rehabilitation centre they struggle to transition. Our urban recovery model offers the softest transition back into society and the best chance of recovery.


If you would like to seek help about heroin addiction for yourself or a loved one, get in touch with our friendly team today for a free initial, consultation.