Alcohol Addiction Treatment Centre


Alcohol is one of the most common addictions in the UK. Many people do not realise how addictive and harmful it can be as it is easily obtained and often a part of socialising. However, alcohol consumption can easily spiral out of control. Here at Acquiesce, we have helped many individuals in different circumstances overcome alcohol addiction for good, using our effective and sensitive recovery programme.


Residential Recovery 

We offer affordable, luxurious residential accommodation in Bolton. Our private, single occupancy rooms with en-suite bathrooms make the treatment process as comfortable as possible. We also guarantee complete anonymity and discretion. Our urban recovery model offers a softer transition back into society following the residential rehab.



The first step to your recovery involves safely removing the alcohol from your system through detoxification. Quitting alcohol alone without help can be dangerous and daunting. Our team specialises in the safe removal of alcohol from your body and management of withdrawal symptoms. Before you start your detox, you will undergo an initial assessment, in which we determine your individual needs and tailor the method of detox accordingly.



Because it is so readily available, alcohol is often one of the most difficult addictions to overcome permanently. As part of your rehabilitation programme, our team will offer intervention, alternative therapies and activities to reduce the likelihood of relapse. Our experts are specially trained to identify the first signs of a relapse and offer support and intervention, to keep you on the road to recovery.


If you are ready to overcome alcohol addiction and take back control of your life, get in touch with our friendly team today and request a free consultation.