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Addictions and treatments

At Acquiesce, we treat a wide range of addictions; from drugs and alcohol, to gambling. We can help whatever you’re having trouble with.

We are registered and regulated by CQC – Care Quality Commission, who are an independent regulator of health and social care in England. We ensure safe, effective, compassionate, high-quality care with values of excellence and integrity.  All members of the Acquiesce team are highly experienced and qualified in their roles underpinned by various governing bodies. All of this provides confidence that you will receive the highest standard of care delivered by professionals in their field in an environment of high standards.

Combination Treatment Programme

At Acquiesce we realise that alcohol, drugs, gambling, etc. are all a symptom of what the individual is using as a solution to the root issue they may be experiencing. 

To treat addiction effectively Acquiesce offers a combination package which includes the 12 steps and cognitive behavioural therapy based approaches. In combination together they complement each other excellently. 

The 12 steps allows you to discover a new recovery focused code of behaviour in which to live by and the cognitive behavioural therapy based approaches allow the individual to gain skills and resources to help them to be able to treat their addiction day to day on a practical level which in turn supports them to live by their new recovery focused code of behaviour. 

12 Steps 

The 12 step programme has introduced long term support to many people. It originates from the 1930s, where the first Alcoholics Anonymous 12-step fellowship was founded by Bill W & Dr Bob, This programme was initially aimed at those who were affected with alcoholism but was adapted to address substance misuse and other addictions.

As the name suggests the programme uses 12 ‘steps’ which allows individual’s to learn to live by a new code of behaviour to aid their recovery. The steps supports the person to accept they have a problem and to recognise there is a solution to their addiction, it helps them look at mistakes made in the past and how to make amends for them. 

Individuals in 12 step programmes attend meetings where they are able to identify and connect with others who have or are experiencing the same issues. The meetings provide a safe, non-judgemental space where individuals can support others with similar problems.  

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Approaches 

Cognitive behavioural therapy based approaches include SMART Recovery, psychosocial interventions and positive psychology. These support an individual to gain skills, tools and resources to manage their addiction practically day to day.  

They allow an individual to look at the reasons behind their actions and behaviours, and at the relationship between the way a person thinks and their problems with addiction. They are aimed to support the individual to break the cycle of destructive behaviours and actions and to form new healthier habits so that they can respond to challenges in a more effective, healthier way. 



Detox is the first step to recovery. There are various types of “detox” available to facilitate the safe removal of substances from the body and to manage the withdrawal symptoms. The alcohol rehab programme addresses all issues.


Drug addiction is unfortunately, incredibly common in our modern society. Here at Acquiesce, we have helped people from all walks of life to take back control of their lives for good.



The rehab programme addresses the psychological, physical and social effects of addiction. It’s delivered by our highly trained and experienced team and incorporates the latest evidence based interventions and alternative therapies. 

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Gambling can very quickly spiral out of control. Without you being able to stop the growing addiction to gambling. Here at Acquiesce, we are dedicated to helping you fully recover from a gambling addiction.



Holistic therapies are a method of training the mind to be peaceful. It helps you to detach from thoughts, observe and be calm. The practice is a tool which teaches a person to put distance between themselves and their impulses.


Detox is the first step to recovery. There are various types of “detox” available to facilitate the safe removal of substances from the body and to manage the withdrawal symptoms.



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