acquiesce - September 21st, 2020

Using Self-Exclusions to Help Your Gambling Addiction

More than four billion people in the world gamble at least once in their life and over one and a half billion people gamble each year, with this number expected to grow now that accessibility has increased due to the popularity of online gambling. Gambling is a compulsive behaviour and can easily become an addiction due to the enticing offer of winning potentially life-changing amounts of money

Your motivations for gambling may begin innocently as a bit of fun or it may be an attempt to solve financial issues. A big win will feel exhilarating, though the dangers of losing large sums of money can quickly escalate into serious trouble, creating a vicious cycle in an attempt to recover what has been lost. Even if you do manage to recover the money you have lost, the adrenaline rush that comes with gambling can be addictive and you may continue to gamble as a result.

At Acquiesce, we are dedicated to helping you recover from a gambling addiction using a team of experienced health professionals, psychological intervention and friendly but professional support. Our gambling rehab programme aims to help those who have developed gambling addictions to begin to understand and overcome their addiction, in a safe and friendly environment. 

However, there are some steps you can take to help yourself first. Self-exclusion is a method that many people with gambling addictions use to set a barrier between themselves and gambling venues or services by having them refuse you entry to their premises or websites.

By law, self-exclusion must be provided as an option by gambling providers in the UK. The process starts by you making the decision to exclude yourself from venues or websites where you may be tempted to gamble. You can then do any of the following:

You can set your self-exclusion from 6 months up to 5 years to ensure you can stop gambling for as long as you see fit. Gambling operators will do everything possible to help you, however, responsibility for sticking to this lies with you.

At Acquiesce we understand that the stereotypical rehab process may not be for everyone. Many of the people we see have families and jobs they don’t want their programme to interrupt, we fully understand that many of our patients want to get help for their addiction whilst being able to maintain some normality in their every day lives. Because of this, we have both residential rehab, and a non-residential rehab programme on offer meaning you can still go home at the end of each day if this would be more suitable.

For more help, contact us today for a free, anonymous consultation. We can decide with you the best option for your recovery. Our friendly team of experts are here for a chat about how you can stop your betting addiction.


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