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Using Family Support to Help Addiction Recovery

The consequences of addiction rarely affect the individual alone, often having a widespread and rippling effect that impacts those closest to them.

The effects of addiction on family units and significant others can be devastating and cause a variety of issues such as financial strain, emotional pain, feelings of betrayal, breakdown of relationships, anger, anxiety, stress and depression.

Knowing how their addiction affects their family and loved ones can lead to feelings of deep shame, which can actually further fuel their addiction as they continue to use the substance or behaviour in an attempt to escape these feelings of shame.

For example, someone with a gambling addiction may feel deeply ashamed of the financial difficulties they have caused for their families but continue to gambling in order to get that one ‘big win’ in order to resolve it all. 

However, this rarely happens and the individual can often get themselves and their families into further debt by continuing to gamble.

Someone with a drug or alcohol addiction may feel like they are unable to cope with the shame and guilt they feel for causing their family pain and continue to use the substance in order to temporarily stop these negative feelings.

That’s why family support is one of the most important steps towards helping an individual on their recovery journey. 

Greater Support Leads to More Effective Recovery Results

Evidence shows that by including family as part of the recovery treatment, the individual feels more supported, leading to increased effectiveness and success of the treatment and long term results.

Whilst entering rehabilitation is a very important step to achieving long term recovery, love, support and understanding has the potential to increase likelihood of recovery, improve psychiatric symptoms and prevent relapses.

Breaking the Stigma and Learning New Skills

Additionally, family support in addiction aims to break down any stigma and offers a greater understanding of what their loved one is experiencing, giving them the necessary advice and skills on how they can best help their family member with their addiction recovery, including psychoeducation. 

Benefits Of Psycho-Education for Families 

Complicated Topics are Explained

Addiction is a complex disease that can affect anyone. It comes with a range of complicated mental, physical and social effects. Psycho-education breaks down these terms into a simpler terminology, helping family members to better understand the technicalities of addiction and what their loved one is experiencing.

De-stigmatises Addiction

Many people suffering with an addiction experience strong feelings of guilt and shame as a result of the social stigmas that surround addiction. Psycho-education teaches both the individual and their family that addiction is a chronic, treatable disease and is not a sign of poor character or moral failing, helping to relieve some of the emotional pressure from the individual.

Opportunities for Open Discussions

Psycho-education creates opportunities for individuals and their families to have an open discussion and ask questions in a safe and managed environment, keeping conversations calm and preventing arguments from arising.

Support for Families

We understand that the shame and stigma associated with addiction can often mean families suffer in silence.

That’s why our family support not only helps the individual with the addiction, but also aims to provide the necessary care and treatment for the family members themselves, giving them an opportunity to have those difficult conversations in a safe environment through visits and phone calls and providing emotional support for those struggling.

Get the Right Kind of Help for Your Loved One with an Addiction

At Acquiesce, we provide a discreet, highly supported and safe environment within the local community for your relatives to recover in. 

Without being hidden away from the real world, our urban recovery model allows individuals to gain all the tools and experience necessary whilst maintaining a carefully monitored level of autonomy and responsibility over their own recovery.

This, alongside a high level of family support makes the transitional period from treatment a much smoother process, resulting in a more effective and sustainable recovery journey.

For any more information about our recovery programmes here at Acquiesce, please don’t hesitate to give us a call today on 01204 771940, or alternatively request a callback from us here. 

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