Tina is a member of the British Psychological Society and has a First Class, Double Honours Degree in Psychology and Community Studies from the University of Bolton. She has been a vital member of the Acquiesce team since the beginning and holds a strong passion for the field of addiction.  Tina began her journey in this area with the Bolton Drug and Alcohol Service, where she gained vital experience and expertise working with addiction in a community setting.  During this time, she served as a Psychosocial Intervention Practitioner before joining Acquiesce.

As our Senior Practitioner, she has extensive experience in co-ordinating the recovery journey of our residents and families affected by substance misuse and affiliated issues and we are so happy to have her on our team.  Tina is a forward thinker and skilled in the delivery of a variety of interventions, techniques and approaches to support the recovery process.  She is also an esteemed graduate member of the British Psychological Society and is talented in understanding the workings of the addicted brain.  She refuses to let our residents go through the treatment programme without addressing each aspect of their behavioural issues.  She is very committed to enabling people to grow and attain effective long-term personal development. Along with her other qualifications Tina is a Member of the Federation of Drug & Alcohol Practitioners (FDAP) and holds an NCFE Substance Misuse and Mental Health Award. 

Having the privilege of helping individuals and families through the recovery process is one of the most rewarding feeling I have ever experienced.”

Tina is absolutely devoted to helping our residents achieve sobriety, and to educate and direct their affected families through the healing process.  She firmly believes that everyone’s path to recovery is unique and this is fully embraced, in the treatment programme, here at Acquiesce. She is often heard telling others, “this is not a job ……... it is a calling.”

In her free time, Tina loves travelling with her family and going on long walks with her adorable Yorkshire Terrier, Benji.  She enjoys yoga and meditating and you will often find her sharing her passion of meditation and positive affirmations with the residents. 

Tina is a certified FDAP Practitioner