acquiesce - June 4th, 2020

Things to consider when choosing a rehab

If you have made the decision to find an addiction treatment centre for yourself or a loved one, it is important to arm yourself with the right questions to ask.  Entering addiction treatment can mean the difference between recovery and a life in continued addiction.  With the guidance of a few simple questions Acquiesce hope to simplify the process for you.


Why do I need a rehab for my addiction or substance misuse?

Many individuals believe that if they can just become substance free they will never need to use again and life will be far better.  For the majority this is, unfortunately, not the case. Rehab offers a safe and compassionate environment  and ensures that individuals have the wrap-around help and support to prepare them for life free from addiction. Rehab also provides the opportunity to separate from daily life and its stressors which is vital in helping individuals  to heal and recover.

How do I book a place?

Booking your place at our rehab is simple.  Pick up the phone and speak to one of our trained members of our admission team.  From this point we can arrange everything needed for you to start your rehabilitation journey.  An admission date will be agreed and all necessary arrangements made.  Our admission process is straightforward and stress free.

What if I need a detox?

At Acquiesce we can effectively arrange a detox placement for you. We

co-ordinate all aspects of the detox, this ensures a hassle free process, providing a seamless and fluid treatment journey.

What do I look for in a good rehab?

A good rehab should offer flexibility and be able to cater to the individual’s need.  Here at Acquiesce we offer a personalised approach to treatment. We are CQC registered and our staff are  fully qualified and trained as well as being passionate about helping people to recover.  Our sensitive to need model offers individually tailored treatment.  Individuals entering our rehab programme will reside in discreet, high quality, modern living accommodation with around the clock support.

Will my admission to rehab be kept confidential?

We offer a discreet and confidential service.  Your anonymity will be protected, as you wish, and at all times.

What approaches to treatment are used?

Our core programme addresses the psychological, physical, social and spiritual effects of addiction. The main objective of the professionally trained staff, during your  stay in rehab,  is to provide a variety of evidence based interventions. Effective therapy can additionally help to change attitudes, beliefs and behaviours and encourages the individual to cultivate a healthy lifestyle free from addiction.  Some of the evidence-based treatment therapies that are typically offered include:

  • – 12 Steps
  • – Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Approaches
  • – Individual Therapy
  • – Holistic Therapy

What happens in rehab?

During your rehab stay, you will participate in daily group therapy sessions with others at our modern and tranquil facility as well as  receiving  individual therapy with a highly trained and experienced addiction practitioner. The programme   also incorporates alternative therapies and activities. At Acquiesce we realise that alcohol, drugs, gambling, etc., are all symptoms of what the individual is using as a solution to the root issue they may be experiencing. Individuals in 12 step programmes attend meetings where they are able to identify and connect with others who have or are experiencing the same issues.

What should I bring?

You will need to bring comfortable clothing, clothing suitable for exercise and outdoors, toiletries, towels, tobacco if you smoke and money or a credit card or debit card for grocery shopping and for personal items during your stay.  You will also need to bring any medications that you are taking.  Laptops, Ipads and mobile phones are allowed.

How long will the treatment programme last?

We offer different lengths of treatment programmes depending on a person’s addiction and specific needs.  Individuals differ vastly in the time they need to recover, this is reflected in our different programmes.

  • – 28 Days
  • – 56 Days
  • – 84 Days

When choosing a programme, you should focus on what will give you the highest chance of long-term recovery.

Can I stay longer if I feel I need to?

Our treatment programmes offer the flexibility to extend your treatment with us at any time during your stay.  There is nothing worse than exiting treatment before you are ready to do so.

How do you tailor treatment to the needs of the individual?

We don’t just say we give personalised treatment to our patients, we deliver it. We understand that treatment and recovery are two very personal elements.  At  Acquiesce we address your unique physical and psychological needs.  Our personalised treatment plans will make sure you get exactly what you need and not what everyone else needs. We believe this is such a vital part of your recovery and it gives you a better chance of success long-term.

Can my loved ones or family visit?

Family and loved ones can visit  the Acquiesce treatment centre at weekends during allocated visiting times.  You can request  a visit by using one of our visit request forms.  All visits takes place in a safe, caring and private environment.

Do you offer family support?

Addiction does not only affect you, it also affects everyone around you. At Acquiesce we recognise one of the most crucial part of the rehab journey is family involvement. We, therefore, offer a wide range of family support which  includes, a monthly family support group led by trained staff, family visits and recovery progress calls to your loved ones.  Evidence shows that including family as part of an individual’s treatment programme can be an important factor in the effectiveness and success of your treatment.

What kind of support is offered after the programme ends?

Your support from Acquiesce does not end when you complete your treatment.  We will keep in close contact with you for your first 3 months after leaving treatment to help support you with your recovery.  We also offer an Aftercare  Weekly Group which is designed to give individuals ongoing assistance in order to improve their chances of a happy, successful and long-term recovery.

You are about to make one of the most important decisions of your life and there is no better time than the present to start your journey towards a life free from your addiction. If rehab is something that you have been thinking about then take action by getting in touch with us. 

It is time to stop fighting and to start re-building your life.

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