What some of our clients say


Jonny's Story

'Jonny started rehab late January after an explosive row with his girlfriend of 4 years. Her parents had become involved and it was time that things changed. With some help from a friend Jonny was accepted at Acquiesce. From that day onward when he traveled to Bolton by train, not only did his life change, but so did mine and the rest of my family.Jonny was in a safe place. I did not have to worry if he was eating, driving, working or even breathing!!! Something I had not done for many years. I started to sleep the night through and so did my husband, Jonny's step-father. We stopped bickering about him and whether he was still smoking cannabis or not. We had no idea he was using cocaine.

I only spoke to him for a few minutes a day and within days I noticed the change in him. My son was slowly coming back to us. He has changed so much in the three months he has been at Acquiesce; he doesn't get angry and shout, he seems to be so much happier in his own skin. He has developed life skills, like cleaning, washing and cooking for himself that he never had before. Most of all he started to believe in himself and I know that is because the work that Acquiesce had done with him; giving him the tools not to relapse. When he came home for a weekend the change was also physical; he had put on weight, was a good colour, his wicked sense of humour has come back and best of all he wasn't dirty and didn't smell.

I can't thank Acquiesce enough for giving my son a chance to totally change his life and also for giving me my life back.'


Other Client Testimonials

Anonymous Clients

‘My recovery journey started at the beginning of January 2018 where I went into another rehab for 7 weeks. They did a very good job of getting me off the drink and drugs but I wasn’t able to have a conversation with friends or family about life or anything other than recovery, this really wasn’t a healthy way for me to recover and ultimately 10 days after I left the well-known expensive rehab I ended up relapsing.

I then came across Acquiesce and was given a great first impression which is really what made me come here as I was very sceptical that they could help me initially as my first experience at rehab didn’t work very well and I thought I had given one of the most expensive rehab in the country a shot so how in the world was Acquiesce at 1/10th of the price going to be able to sort me out. Thankfully I came here and it has been the best decision I have ever made in my life, I feel like have been reborn here and it is the start of my new life clean off drink, drugs and all my other addictions. From the very first day I arrived I have been made to feel a part of the Acquiesce family which has made me always feel extremely comfortable and at home here, all the staff have been nothing but unbelievable and I can say that over the last year of my life I have spent many hours with many different therapists and I have never come across a better therapist than what I have in Acquiesce.

It is not a large rehab which suits me well as you get a lot of one and one therapy and you are able to participate a lot more in the group sessions which makes me feel a massive part of every group and helps me to move forward and feel accomplished at the end of every day, there has never been a day I haven’t grown. The steps have helped me transform my life and having the support of the therapist and other staff here is probably the most ideal way of doing them.

When I arrived at Acquiesce I had no hobbies or interest, I didn’t even know really what I liked or didn’t like and they have helped me understand myself in ways they don’t even realise, every week, to break up the sessions and therapy they take us to do boxercise, someone comes into the rehab to do yoga with us, we go bowling, to the gym or to play golf, which is great for exercise and to give your mind a break from the learning, it is also a great stepping stone for me to now continue with these things once I leave treatment, on top of this I am learning how to play guitar which is something I never even thought of trying before I got here.

When I was looking at different rehabs to go to after I relapsed the main thing that put me off going somewhere was the accommodation and how you had to share rooms with other people and you didn’t really get much personal space. When I came to look around Acquiesce I was pretty much sold when they showed me the house where we live as every person has their own bedroom, but not just a bedroom a massive bedroom and there was almost 1 bathroom/shower room per person, the kitchen and living space were very nice as well as the location of where the house is, it is on a really nice quiet road and down the road from the park which was a nice place for us to relax after rehab.

I owe my life and a lot more to everyone at Acquiesce, when I arrived I had a fractured relationship with my wife and daughter, I had lost the trust of my family, I had a property business which was on the rocks and I had debt and bills coming left, right and centre. I honestly did not know what to do, where to go or how to deal with any of my problems, I wanted to run away. I can sit here writing this and can tell you that Acquiesce has sat with me day in, day out and helped me rebuild my trust with my family, they have helped me rebuild my marriage and integrate back with my wife and daughter, my business has been stabilised and I can get back into this and they have helped me manage all my finances, I am now in a position where I don’t feel suffocated anymore and not looking to run away from my life.

The only mistake I have made since the start of my recovery journey is not coming straight away to Acquiesce, I made the mistake of thinking the most expensive rehab is going to be the best rehab and boy was I proven wrong.

I will forever be grateful to the Acquiesce family and couldn’t recommend a better rehab for someone to go to who is struggling with drugs, drink, gambling or any addiction.’

- Anonymous Client

“I’m not afraid to admit that prior to going to Acquiesce I was afraid, nervous and apprehensive. I had never attended rehabilitation before however this was my last chance of changing my life around as I was powerless over my addiction to alcohol.The Acquiesce team were extremely welcoming, non-judgemental and made me feel at ease. The other peers made me feel welcomed and over time became great friends. Everyone was extremely supportive. 
I was taught many useful tools, models, concepts and about the disease of addiction. I now understand how to deal with my cravings and triggers to remain abstinent. Furthermore, Acquiesce has taught me how to deal with difficult situations through meditation, mindfulness, gratitude and the 12 step approach.
It’s been an amazing experience; I would definitely recommend Acquiesce to anyone suffering with addiction.
I was allocated a Recovery Practitioner who advised and supported me through a difficult family matter that affected my addiction, the support given was exceptional and I thank her for that. I gained in confidence, positivity and strength to beat my addiction.

Thank you Acquiesce for this experience, if anyone is suffering with an addiction of any sort Acquiesce is the place to go.

- Anonymous Client

I came to Acquiesce as an alcoholic whose life was spiralling out of control quickly. I truly believe that physically, emotionally, mentally and professionally I would have lost everything in a short space of time without professional help and support.

At first I questioned my addiction and what staff told me, I then decided that I should put blind faith in what they said and trust their knowledge. After I did this very quickly things began to fall into place I learnt various skills and tools to deal with life without alcohol. 

It truly has been the best experience of my life I now feel equipped to lead a sober and serene life.

- Anonymous Client

'My experience at Acquiesce has been extremely positive. I arrived with little hope but left feeling full of determination, optimism and knowledge. 

The staff are excellent, from the minute I arrived I felt welcomed and cared for. It is obvious that the team are genuinely dedicated, going above and beyond their duties. The accommodation Is grand and has everything you need. The bedrooms are comfy and although they are large they have a cozy feel.

I thought the programme offered was excellent, it is carried out in an urban setting – so rather than being isolated in the middle of nowhere you are still a part of society.

Acquiesce offers both 12 step and SMART recovery, I believe this gives you the best of both worlds as I enjoyed elements of both.

After an 18 year long addiction I finally feel fully equipped to lead a happy life of sobriety. I cannot thank Acquiesce and all the staff as well as my peers enough for this opportunity, I may just owe them my life.'

- Anonymous Client