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Jak's Story


Acquiesce Success Stories


    It is not an exaggeration to say that my time at Acquiesce may well have saved my life. The extent and manner of my drinking and using before I came in was simply unsustainable. I cannot thank the staff enough, in particular those whom I have come to know and respect in the last month, namely Carla, Adi, Ste, Mike, Tina and MargaretMary. Thank you, I will be eternally grateful for your knowledge and the manner in which you imported it. Love to All.

    I have found the mix of 12 Steps and the CBT together to be very beneficial to me. They are both designed to the same end and I see using both approaches as effective doubling the chances of a successful recovery. Their urban model has also been of great help to me. To share a house with 5 other people who are going through the same process, and have come from the same torment is quite literally invaluable. Thank you, thank you, and thank you to everyone at Acquiesce for giving me the old me back.

  • STAN M

    "My experience at Acquiesce has been a very successful experience both mentally and physically. I was put onto an emotional rollercoaster, sent around the track, fell out, put back in and felt out again, buckled back in and sent around again, I have shed tears of sadness and joy. It has given me the tools to deal with everyday life without the use of drink or drugs, the substance use wasn’t the problem, it was my solution to the burdens and stress of life. This has felt like a tailor made course from day 1, the practitioners are second to none, they are very intelligent professional people, it’s not just hourly sessions and they have done their bit, its constant hand overs and the wellbeing of the clients in their care. The standards are set very high at Acquiesce and each practitioner and support worker adhere to their high standards of conduct. It’s very hard not to get attached to staff as by the time you leave you class them as very close friends if not your angels of saviors. I leave here not a new man but my old self, my morals intact and my emotions under control. I can now see my future health and mental health all up and running. I can’t give Acquiesce enough love and respect, I cannot credit the rehabilitation house enough. I leave head held high, shoulders back and standing tall."

  • KYLE B

    "My experience at Acquiesce has been the best journey of my life. I was very apprehensive about coming in but in the end I did not want to go. It feels like leaving my family and coming to another one. They take the time to really help you and make you feel comfortable. I can honestly say they saved my life and I owe them everything."


    "I walked in not knowing what to expect or who I was going to be with and definitely no road map. What I found was a group of people with the same problem as me - addiction. Over our time together, we learned together, became friends together and found ourselves. Massively helped by the team that delivers the programme. We had “Tina Time”, Magic Mike, does it make sense Ste, caring Carla and Margaret Mary, the lovely Danielle and baby faced Adie. We cried a bit, got angry and laughed a lot (its medicine) and learned a lot. I leave a better stronger person with a full tool kit and a plan (We don’t plan to fail, we fail to plan). Thank you cannot express my feelings of gratitude, sometimes there are no words, seriously no words. If this is your time, take the first step, be brave, I wish you all the best in your endeavors if you do."

  • JACK B

    "My experience at Acquiesce has been priceless, being from an Asian background I can say there is no prejudice over colour, religion and that we are all equal and treated with the maximum respect. The staff are the finest bunch of people you will ever meet in your life. I can guarantee if you listen to what they say, they will change your life as they have mine, I cannot thank them enough I owe them everything."


    "From the first step through the doorway I felt I was in good hands. I didn’t know what to expect as I was motionless, exhausted and can’t really remember that day. Everyone here was comforting and loving. My practitioners and peers all made me welcome. I was here for me and wanted the freedom to beat the disease. I was learning and eager to beat anything that got thrown in my way as I accepted that I surrendered. I took every opportunity and absorbed everything. All the practitioners and Acquiesce team are highly skilled. The penny dropped and things started to fall into place, I was like a jigsaw being pieced back together, learning the solutions and programme to identify, control and manage how to deal with things in good orderly direction. Acquiesce has rebuilt my life and given me a recovery plan for me to keep in check every day till I die. I could not thank Acquiesce enough for my new pathway to a wonderful life I have waiting for me."


    "Well what an amazing place, I feel privileged to have had the opportunity to have been here. I just cannot fault any of the teaching. You are all so passionate about this whole path to recovery, but underlying all the classes was a bit of humor to lighten but not lesson the seriousness of our disease. I know it’s up to me now. The home for the past 28 days was lovely and comfortable, you have all been so accommodating to all our needs. Thank you for everything."


    My experience through the Acquiesce programme has been life changing, the practitioners taught me so much, I now know how to be the person I want to be. My way of thinking was broken and dark, but now thanks to this journey I have taken, I feel like my life is back on track. Over my 2 month stay I realized so much about myself, that I never even acknowledged. My over my inflated ego, low self-esteem and negative thoughts were so deep rooted but thanks to Acquiesce, my loving peers and the support from my family I am starting to see a better future for myself, for all they have done I am forever grateful.


    I suffered with addiction for 16 years, and tried numerous times to get out of the cycle. The more I attempted, the more I failed and each failure getting more serious. On the verge of suicide and my family all but gone, I desperately searched the internet for help. I contacted 4 rehabs centers, it was 8pm and Acquiesce got back to me instantly. They reached out to me in my time of need and called me the following morning. We spent an hour talking and that was the first time I’d heard someone care about my addiction, and my wellbeing. A week later I started my treatment. Ste was my Practitioner and what an incredible guy he is, he genuinely cares about you and goes that extra mile on countless occasions. Mike the Support Worker is an inspiration, the advice he gave me was priceless, there were many days where he gave me his time and guided me in the right direction. Tina cares about every client, as soon as you walk in the room with her the room fills with warmth. If you feel your life is out of control and feel alone like I did, don’t waste time. I owe my life to Acquiesce and my peers.

    Thank you.


    My experience at Acquiesce has been quite frankly amazing. As very much a sceptic, I cannot believe how much I have learnt about myself, my reasons for my addiction, and the steps I needed to take to recover.

    All the staff are so kind and lovely, you are immediately made to feel that you matter, and that you are worthwhile as a person.

    The programme structure is so good that even though you are busy every day, it never feels a chore. Each lesson and activity caters for all addictions and you feel totally at ease in the company of your peers.

    The accommodation is great; you really feel like part of the family whilst on the programme. I can honestly say this is the best thing I have ever done, only wish I had done it sooner, I cannot recommend the programme enough, it has totally changed my life for the better, and I can’t be any more thankful to all at Acquiesce.

  • BOB R

    Absolutely loved every minute of my time here. Staff amazing. Peers have been amazing, even though challenging sometimes.

    Wouldn’t have changed anything while here. Would recommend the centre to anyone that needs help.

    You saved my life, thank you.


    My experience here at Acquiesce has been brilliant. The team have all helped me massively even on the days I didn’t want it. All of the Team at Acquiesce have been so helpful and will go out of their way to make sure my time here has been safe and comfortable.

    I would highly recommend using Acquiesce, if you get to a point in your life where it has become unmanageable due to addiction.

    To all of the team at Acquiesce thank you, I am eternally grateful, you all played a part in saving my life.

  • BILL T

    "I arrived at Acquiesce after an alcohol detox. For the first week I was still weak and not feeling very attentive. As the program continued, I learnt the basic tools to stay out of addiction. Gaining a better understanding of the 12 Steps.

    The sessions and daily routine was great to install good sleeping habits again, healthy eating and exercise.

    I can say the program at Acquiesce is exceptional. Small enough groups to get personal guidance and care.

    All the staff are professional and really care about client recovery. I feel I can rejoin society again with confidence to recover."

  • PHIL M

    "My whole experience has been nothing short of amazing, from day one I felt at home and comfortable in my surroundings. Firstly just to find out that I suffer with an illness and there is a solution to the chaos instantly gave me peace of mind.

    I have learnt so much about myself, Acquiesce taught me how to like the person I am without the use of drink or drugs.

    The staff are fantastic and go above and beyond to help with any request.

    The whole experience has changed my life and I would recommend it to anyone that wants to get well!"

  • BEN D

    Honestly it has been amazing from the get go. From the second I picked up the phone all the staff have been so helpful. If there is anything you need they will always provide for you. The house is lovely, cozy and big. The clients I was in with during my recovery were also amazing. Tina and Ste do an amazing job with the sessions. Mike is very helpful and professional. The rest of the team would also go to the moon and back for you. A special thanks to Adi and Dan for changing my life.

    Thanks for everything.

  • ABBY R

    Life changing in 28 days. I thought there was no way out but it’s been the best 28 days of my life and I never thought I would say that about rehab. All the staff have been amazing and they are reason I am walking out with my head held high. I now have some amazing recovery tools and I have learned something new every day.

    The setup is perfect having your own room and treatment without feeling trapped like I thought rehab was going to be.

    Rehab has saved me and my family but now it’s over to me to keep putting the work in.

    Thank you to the whole of Acquiesce.


    I can't even explain how grateful I am to the Acquiesce team, it's hard to say 'thank you' to a team that deserve so much more than that.

    You have all created a very trusting and homely environment that I will truly miss. Thanks to the syllabus I am now armed with the tools I need to begin my recovery.

    Thank you


    My time at Acquiesce has been life changing.

    Before coming here I was nervous, but on arrival they were very welcoming and made me feel at ease.

    The whole team are brilliant and taught me all the tools I need in my recovery.

    I am leaving Acquiesce a more positive, confident person.

    Thank you so much for saving my life.

  • ADAM P

    After avoiding rehab for years, I stumbled across Acquiesce on google and arranged a viewing. The last thing I expected was to be desperate to get signed up.

    The team were great at being flexible and planning a programme that worked for me and my family. The programme itself is great at being intense but also giving you the independence of staying at the shared Acquiesce house. Each day is structured to prepare you for how best to live life in sobriety in the outside world.

    The practitioners and all the staff work incredibly hard and will always make time to help you where possible. Even the small things such as family updates have made my time in rehab more manageable for my partner. It is great to know that I am free to attend the aftercare group.

    Acquiesce has given me the best possible grounding in my recovery.


  • EMMA D

    Honestly I can’t praise the team at Acquiesce enough. Coming here was the best decision I have ever made. Not only have I learned so much about my addiction and the tools I need to beat it after feeling so lost for so long. I Have found myself again. Thank you so much for giving my children back their best mum and also for helping me to laugh again. Sober laughter is so much funnier. Thanks for all your continued support, I will see you at aftercare.

  • TOM S

    I have loved my time at Acquiesce, the tools and knowledge that I’ve acquired are invaluable and have now become a part of my everyday life.

    The staff are amazing, I was treated with passion and respect from day one, and nothing was too much trouble. Whenever I was struggling they was always there to put my mind at ease.

    The service that was provided to me was top quality, after 3 months of being there I finally felt confident that my addiction could be managed on a daily basis, using the knowledge that I had gained.

    Thank you for giving me my life back, I am truly grateful.

  • DAN L

    'My recovery journey started at the beginning of January 2018 where I went into another rehab for 7 weeks. They did a very good job of getting me off the drink and drugs but I wasn’t able to have a conversation with friends or family about life or anything other than recovery, this really wasn’t a healthy way for me to recover and ultimately 10 days after I left the well-known expensive rehab I ended up relapsing.

    I then came across Acquiesce and was given a great first impression which is really what made me come here as I was very sceptical that they could help me initially as my first experience at rehab didn’t work very well and I thought I had given one of the most expensive rehab in the country a shot so how in the world was Acquiesce at 1/10th of the price going to be able to sort me out. Thankfully I came here and it has been the best decision I have ever made in my life, I feel like have been reborn here and it is the start of my new life clean off drink, drugs and all my other addictions. From the very first day I arrived I have been made to feel a part of the Acquiesce family which has made me always feel extremely comfortable and at home here, all the staff have been nothing but unbelievable and I can say that over the last year of my life I have spent many hours with many different therapists and I have never come across a better therapist than what I have in Acquiesce.

    It is not a large rehab which suits me well as you get a lot of one and one therapy and you are able to participate a lot more in the group sessions which makes me feel a massive part of every group and helps me to move forward and feel accomplished at the end of every day, there has never been a day I haven’t grown. The steps have helped me transform my life and having the support of the therapist and other staff here is probably the most ideal way of doing them.

    When I arrived at Acquiesce I had no hobbies or interest, I didn’t even know really what I liked or didn’t like and they have helped me understand myself in ways they don’t even realise, every week, to break up the sessions and therapy they take us to do boxercise, someone comes into the rehab to do yoga with us, we go bowling, to the gym or to play golf, which is great for exercise and to give your mind a break from the learning, it is also a great stepping stone for me to now continue with these things once I leave treatment, on top of this I am learning how to play guitar which is something I never even thought of trying before I got here.

    When I was looking at different rehabs to go to after I relapsed the main thing that put me off going somewhere was the accommodation and how you had to share rooms with other people and you didn’t really get much personal space. When I came to look around Acquiesce I was pretty much sold when they showed me the house where we live as every person has their own bedroom, but not just a bedroom a massive bedroom and there was almost 1 bathroom/shower room per person, the kitchen and living space were very nice as well as the location of where the house is, it is on a really nice quiet road and down the road from the park which was a nice place for us to relax after rehab.

    I owe my life and a lot more to everyone at Acquiesce, when I arrived I had a fractured relationship with my wife and daughter, I had lost the trust of my family, I had a property business which was on the rocks and I had debt and bills coming left, right and centre. I honestly did not know what to do, where to go or how to deal with any of my problems, I wanted to run away. I can sit here writing this and can tell you that Acquiesce has sat with me day in, day out and helped me rebuild my trust with my family, they have helped me rebuild my marriage and integrate back with my wife and daughter, my business has been stabilised and I can get back into this and they have helped me manage all my finances, I am now in a position where I don’t feel suffocated anymore and not looking to run away from my life.

    The only mistake I have made since the start of my recovery journey is not coming straight away to Acquiesce, I made the mistake of thinking the most expensive rehab is going to be the best rehab and boy was I proven wrong.

    I will forever be grateful to the Acquiesce family and couldn’t recommend a better rehab for someone to go to who is struggling with drugs, drink, gambling or any addiction.’
  • ANDY T

    “I’m not afraid to admit that prior to going to Acquiesce I was afraid, nervous and apprehensive. I had never attended rehabilitation before however this was my last chance of changing my life around as I was powerless over my addiction to alcohol.The Acquiesce team were extremely welcoming, non-judgemental and made me feel at ease. The other peers made me feel welcomed and over time became great friends. Everyone was extremely supportive.

    I was taught many useful tools, models, concepts and about the disease of addiction. I now understand how to deal with my cravings and triggers to remain abstinent. Furthermore, Acquiesce has taught me how to deal with difficult situations through meditation, mindfulness, gratitude and the 12 step approach.

    It’s been an amazing experience; I would definitely recommend Acquiesce to anyone suffering with addiction. I was allocated a Recovery Practitioner who advised and supported me through a difficult family matter that affected my addiction, the support given was exceptional and I thank her for that. I gained in confidence, positivity and strength to beat my addiction.

    Thank you Acquiesce for this experience, if anyone is suffering with an addiction of any sort Acquiesce is the place to go.”

    I came to Acquiesce as an alcoholic whose life was spiralling out of control quickly. I truly believe that physically, emotionally, mentally and professionally I would have lost everything in a short space of time without professional help and support.

    At first I questioned my addiction and what staff told me, I then decided that I should put blind faith in what they said and trust their knowledge. After I did this very quickly things began to fall into place I learnt various skills and tools to deal with life without alcohol.

    It truly has been the best experience of my life I now feel equipped to lead a sober and serene life.


    'My experience at Acquiesce has been extremely positive. I arrived with little hope but left feeling full of determination, optimism and knowledge.

    The staff are excellent, from the minute I arrived I felt welcomed and cared for. It is obvious that the team are genuinely dedicated, going above and beyond their duties. The accommodation Is grand and has everything you need. The bedrooms are comfy and although they are large they have a cozy feel.

    I thought the programme offered was excellent, it is carried out in an urban setting – so rather than being isolated in the middle of nowhere you are still a part of society.

    Acquiesce offers both 12 step and SMART recovery, I believe this gives you the best of both worlds as I enjoyed elements of both.

    After an 18 year long addiction I finally feel fully equipped to lead a happy life of sobriety. I cannot thank Acquiesce and all the staff as well as my peers enough for this opportunity, I may just owe them my life.'

    'Well where do I start....I walked into Acquiesce with my life in absolute tatters. I remember writing in my diary how much better I felt after only a few days - just from the weight being lifted off my shoulder. The staff here are really amazing, they are a really good mix of people who will always go the extra mile for you. They didn't just deal with me but they spoke a lot with my partner, which me and her appreciated so much.

    The schedule is really good with a great mix of work, exercise and social time. Acquiesce didn't just help me fight my addiction but helped me find myself again and for that I will be forever grateful.'

    'Having researched many rehabs countrywide on the internet, Acquiesce kept coming on top due to the urban model. It was the closest thing to being in rehab and living a normal life. The separate accommodation with your own room really appealed to me. The staff at the centre have the enthusiasm for recovery that I have never seen anywhere else before. They are all very welcoming, caring and willing to go to any lengths to accommodate your needs and your recovery. Due to Acquiesce catering for a small number of addict’s at one time, you really get to know the staff and they know you.

    The timetable gives time for one to one sessions, where the feedback is excellent – my Practitioner was really tuned in and clearly only wanted the best for my long term recovery. I cannot thank him enough.

    Acquiesce has saved my life, it has not only given me the knowledge and tools to deal with my addiction but the best springboard for long term recovery. I left Acquiesce with my head held high, not ashamed to be in recovery, knowing who I really was and where I was going on my journey to long term recovery.

    The pace at which you learn, exercise, socialise and grow is extremely well balanced, never did I feel under pressure, every day was a joy to attend, I woke happy and enthusiastic about my day ahead.

    Again I owe my life to Acquiesce therefore I will be returning to share my experience of being in rehab and how my life has changed since leaving in the hope I can show others RECOVERY IS POSSIBLE

    Thank you all at Acquiesce – you will be forever a part of my new life. '

    Before I came to Acquiesce I had been a heavy drinker for many years. I had tried to give up many times but found I could not do so on my own. When I finally hit rock bottom I contacted Acquiesce and I can say with great conviction it was the best decision I ever made.

    The urban model as it is known works perfectly, the balance of attending the centre and being at the house gives you the sense of a normal life whilst being in treatment – not being cooped up miles away from anywhere.

    The mix of therapy sessions combined with activities such as yoga, the gym and family visits works well. I feel that in leaving here I am fully equipped with many tools, higher self-esteem and motivated which gives me an excellent grounding for my recovery.

    The friendliness, helpfulness, concern and empathy of all the staff at Acquiesce is 1st class and I would thoroughly recommend it should anyone be considering a rehabilitation programme.

    "I was on the other side of the world when my son was admitted into Acquiesce. He had finally admitted to his drug abuse and asked for help. On speaking to the team in the early hours of the morning we felt at ease. The kind words and reassurance put our minds at rest. This was the best place for our son to start his journey of recovery. Days into recovery I could see my boy returning to me. He understood everything he was being taught and was relating it all back to me. This was an amazing start to his journey. Gratitude and love was being sent my way something that had fell by the way side.

    I watched him grow with strength each day as he soaked up the knowledge he received from the wonderful Acquiesce team. The tools he came away with to beat his addiction are all down to great people at Acquiesce. He will carry and use them for the rest of his life.

    I cannot thank them all enough from the bottom of my heart for returning my beautiful boy. A special mention to Tina who had a special bond with my son ."

    "My time here has been very educational. I have learnt more about myself in the 28 days since I have been here than I have in my 28 years alive.

    What I have learnt here will set me up for the rest of my life.

    Thanks to all the staff, especially Tina who was my practitioner for giving me the fundamentals to start a new life."
  • LISA

    'My experience has been amazing, amazing, sounds obvious and doesn’t quite do it justice.

    To be frank, it has saved my life. Has given me the tools to keep on saving my life, to get myself back or rather find out who I am. It has given me something to work with, build on. Hope where there wasn’t any.

    Women are a minority, I hope they don’t continue to be, they won’t regret it.

    I hope that one sentence above is enough to help or save, just one woman. I’m serious.

    Tina is incredible.

  • ANDY U
    “My experience at Acquiesce has been absolutely amazing. The staff are knowledgeable, experienced and caring, with only your best interests at heart.

    The quasi- residential living module is in my opinion essential in providing security and an element of real world living combined with numerous benefits regarding recovery. The added benefit of the community program even more so. I would highly recommend it to anyone who is considering Acquiesce as their choice of rehabilitation facility.

    It is a well-structured program with flexibility to suit individual’s needs, that allows for a stress free environment conclusive to a healthy recovery.

    I would like to thank all the staff at Acquiesce. You’re all absolutely amazing."


    "Acquiesce has been a real experience. I have learnt so much about my myself. All the practitioners have been fantastic.

    My journey starts here.

    I feel more positive and I will be back for the aftercare meetings on a Sunday morning."/p>

    "It is quite difficult for me to describe just how positive my experience of treatment at Acquiesce has been. Whilst abstinence is clearly the reason I came here and the main thing I hoped to achieve from my time here, I see myself gaining so much more from it.

    Its helped me regain strengths I’d forgotten I once had and also create new strengths that I have never had. For the first time in years I’m looking forward to the future and feel that I have options and possibilities.

    All the staff without exception have been incredibly helpful and supportive. There is a tangible desire that all peers past and present get better.

    The balance of sessions, meetings, activities and down time is spot on and gives enough time to absorb all the information supplied. I was fortunate enough to spend my time in the house and at the center with a group of people that all got along together which has helped to foster an atmosphere of positivity.

    The easiest way for me to describe Acquiesce is that if you have a genuine desire to get help with your addiction, You’re in the right place."

    “I have sincere thanks and a truly grateful heart for all that the staff of Acquiesce have given me. When I arrived I felt lost and broken and very afraid of what the future held for me.
    Today I feel like a new person.

    From the first day the staff guided and advised me with gentle professionalism, they were always ready to answer questions and articulate any concerns no matter how big, small or unmanageable they seemed at the time. I learned from the staff and from my peers. The small group setting was nurturing and allowed for valuable discussions and sharing which I found to be extremely helpful.

    I now have the knowledge and most importantly the tools to be healthy and vibrant. I feel full of hope.

    Acquiesce has given me back my life”

    “To thine oneself be true.” Hamlet
    "Rehabilitation at Acquiesce is an experience that will change your life forever. If you take on board and apply the life knowledge and experience that the staff will freely convey to you – you will gain recovery.

    We are not defined by our mistakes but we have been locked in a disease few of us know about. We are not bad people and with Acquiesce and their passionate care and support, we can find ourselves and more.

    In my addiction, my moral values and every bit of good I had in my character became buried. I no longer knew who I was. Acquiesce has helped me understand me. I’ve been slowly and surely letting go of shame, guilt and remorse. My fear is being transformed into courage. Give yourself a chance and become the very best version of you. No more self-loathing and distraction. It’s time to live!!!”

  • JOHN T

    "Acquiesce has a complete recovery plan which is a mixture of CBT and 12 step programme. By the time you have finished your recovery programme you will understand your addiction. I now have many tools in place to help me with my long term recovery.

    You will be given a plan to enjoy a balanced life free of using substances. The atmosphere is friendly and the groups are small enough for each client to get as much attention as they need.

    The staff are excellent and attentive. They help with any problems which may arise and are very knowledgeable in recovery techniques.

    I have learned a great deal with their programme and can highly recommend Acquiesce."


    "My stay at Acquiesce has been great. The sessions are well delivered and spread out well. It never gets too busy so you get the most from the sessions etc.

    The staff are ALL brilliant and really do care. The house is great and the staff are always at the end of a phone if you need them."

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