Social Therapy

As in other areas the social cause and effect of addiction and relating consequences can vary widely for each individual. This element of the Acquiesce rehab program is designed to be tailored to meet individual specific need.

There are a range of solution focused workshops and presentations relating to areas such as employment and education, budgeting and housing. These are delivered by experts in their field with on-going support and facilitated access provided. This is aimed to provide focus and direction and equip individuals with knowledge and practical skills necessary to positively progress in these domains.

  • Mutual aid
  • Educational advice and access
  • Employment support, advice and guidance
  • Family therapies
  • Housing advice and guidance
  • Budgeting advice and support

Socialising can often be a daunting prospect in the early stages of recovery. The Acquiesce rehab programme provides the opportunity to participate in regular and varied social and leisure activities. This allows for individuals to have fun, build confidence and communication skills while in a safe and supported environment.

The location of Acquiesce benefits from a thriving and varied local recovery community which individuals will be supported to utilise and integrate with.

Workshops and therapies are undertaken aiming to provide individuals with an understanding of healthy relationships and social circles and knowledge of how these are formed and maintained.

At Acquiesce we understand that addiction not only effects an individual. It often impacts on others connected to them and can put a tremendous strain on family members. With this knowledge we put a great emphasis on our work with families and loved ones.

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