Rehab in Wigan

Are you a user, gambler or alcoholic and want to change your life by recovering from addiction? The Acquiesce rehab has a team of dedicated health professionals that offer rehab treatment in the Wigan area. We know that there is a problem with drugs and alcohol in Wigan and are here to provide support in the area. We want to encourage users to start the path to recovery and complete a successful rehab program.

Support and encouragement plays a massive part in recovery and this is exactly what the team at Acquiesce deliver. We have proven record in helping users recover from their addiction.

You may have searched for “drug and alcohol rehab near me” or a doctor may have referred you. Either way, the team at Acquiesce are here to help you.

What Is Offered In Our Rehab Local To Wigan

  • Our rehab offers amazing professional support, facilities and treatment for all our attendees. Let’s have a look a little deeper into what we offer;
  • Large number of staff-to-client ratio, this is important to both the user and to us. The more support we can give you, the better the road to recovery.
  • An amazing recovery environment. All our clients will be housed in a 19th century urban setting premises, which helps the recovery process by being in a relaxed environment.
  • We offer fully-furnished private rooms for all attendees at Acquiesce.
  • A range of interventions will be used to deliver a successful drug and alcohol rehabilitation

Types Of Treatments Offered

The Acquiesce team have both the skills and dedication to help a user change their lives and recover from addiction.

To answer your question can Acquiesce help my addiction? Yes, we are skilled in many different rehabilitation interventions.

Let’s look what we can offer users with our rehabilitation program;

  • Detox
  • Rehab
  • Holistic
  • Drugs
  • Alcohol

We offer a varied treatment programme which also covers:

  • Psychological Mind
  • Social Connection
  • Spiritual Soul
  • Physical Body
  • Family Therapy

Duration Of The Rehab Program

Our effective program lasts for 28-days, which will help a user recover from addiction. However, this 28-day rehab program in Wigan is different for each individual that comes through our doors. We promise to deliver a tailored rehab program to each attendee at Acquiesce, as this is a key process to beating addiction.

How will Acquiesce meet my needs?

Before you start rehab, we will learn your individual needs and requirements and then create a program that is best suited to you.

Does Rehab Really Work?

At Acquiesce we have a 100% completion rate in all our programs, which is important to your recovery success. Also, aftercare is very important, which is why we offer you effective support once the program is completed.

Will rehab work for me?

A rehab can completely change your life. If you really want to recover from addiction and are dedicated to the goal like we are. Then, recovery will be successful for you.

How To Get To Acquiesce?

There is various easy and quick routes from Wigan to Acquiesce rehab, lets looks at some of the routes;

  • Car – It takes roughly 30 -minutes to get from Wigan town centre to Acquiesce in a car.
  • Train – The train from Wigan to Bolton town centre only takes 19 minutes.
  • Bus – You can easily get a 50-minute bus ride from Wigan to Bolton.

What To Do Next

The road to recovery is by no-means an easy process and we understand that. Drug and alcohol recovery is done in little steps. The first step being initial contact, which is why we are here to talk with you today.

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