Rehab in Leigh

Are you struggling with addictive behaviour?  Want to break free from taking harmful drugs or alcohol, or from breaking the cycle of gambling behaviour?  Our rehab facility in Leigh is here to help.

Addiction can destroy lives.  Not only can it damage your health, it can also wipe out finances, tear families apart, and also damage careers.  Getting help with addictive behaviour is the first step towards recovery.  Even if you feel that you can take on your addictions and your behaviour on your own, you should always be willing and open to ask for support and advice.


How Our Rehab Centre Can Help

Some people are wary about heading to a rehabilitation centre simply because they’re unsure what is included in treatment plans.  We therefore run a completely transparent service.  Before you start treatment with us, we will work out a healthcare plan with you to ensure that your body and mind are fully supported throughout your time with us.

  • Our rehab facility in Leigh offers state-of-the-art treatment rooms and equipment. Our qualified, professional and friendly team is here to make sure that you not only understand the roots of your addiction, but also how you can put it behind you.
  • We offer comfortable rooms for those patients who need to stay with us for longer recovery. You’ll never feel as though you are being trapped in a clinical space or stuffy hospital.
  • We will create a specific plan of action catered precisely to your needs. We will build a medical profile with you and will propose solutions unique to your body and your health.
  • We guarantee relaxed, effective rehabilitation in an environment that’s a home away from home.


Our Treatments

Our rehab centre in Leigh supports patients with a wide array of different treatments and courses.  These may be as diverse as simple holistic or detox treatments, or deeper psychological discussions, as well as alcohol and drug treatment to relieve dependency.

Ultimately, it is our role to ensure you get the help you need.  Our treatments won’t just get rid of your addictive behaviour.  They will ensure they never come back.  Once we have helped you to break free of your cycles, we will equip you with necessary tools to ensure you never fall into the same traps again.

Long-term recovery is our goal.  There are rehabilitation facilities out there which focus purely on removing the addiction – and not the aftercare.  Aftercare is something we are deeply involved with.


How Long Can Rehabilitation Take?

This will all depend on your own personal circumstances.  We guarantee that you will leave our facility clean and free from destructive behaviours.  Therefore, we are always willing to help you for as long as it takes.  Different people heal at different paces.  Don’t be afraid to sign up for a longer stay if you need to!

For more information on our rehab facility in Leigh, contact our team today for a free consultation.  We look forward to helping you get your life back on track.

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