Rehab In Bury

Here at Acquiesce we offer private drug and alcohol rehab services in Bury and the Greater Manchester region. We understand that Bury is no stranger to drugs. There are constant efforts to help and bring down the number of drug users. However, the people of Bury are still struggling to receive help with addiction, with cuts to government funding. We at Acquiesce are dedicated to helping with drug and alcohol addiction in Bury.

Rehab in Bury, Greater Manchester

We are a rehab local to bury, that delivers outstanding treatment for alcohol and drug addiction. Individuals that are in treatment will be given the time to meet every member of the team at Acquiesce. Also, there is a high level of staff to client ratio, resulting in successful treatment.


  • Individuals will complete their programme in our amazing peaceful urban setting
  • The environment has a comfortable layout set in a 19th century architectural building. Furthermore, there is ample space perfect for alternative therapies and meditation art.
  •  The bedrooms at Acquiesce are large single occupancy rooms with large double beds. All attendees at acquiesce will receive a welcome pack explaining all the facilities available.

What type of addiction does our local to Bury rehab treat?

At Acquiesce rehabilitation centre, we have a team of highly skilled and certified professionals that offer a wide range of drug and alcohol help services. Our team of experts have spent many years in the field of addiction.

Our team of rehab experts will provide a range of services for drug and rehabilitation in Bury.

What rehab services can Acquiesce provide?

We offer a varied treatment programme which also covers:

  • Psychological Mind
  • Social Connection
  • Spiritual Soul
  • Physical Body
  • Family Therapy


How long does rehab last for?

The Acquiesce rehab programme lasts for 28-days. Within this time, you will be given an individual 28-day residential programme which will be tailored to your specific requirements, there is an initial assessment period prior to admission where we will discuss exactly what you need, and how Acquiesce can best help you overcome your addiction

The best way to recover from addiction is through professionally delivered rehabilitation, which is exactly what we offer here at Acquiesce.

Is Rehab for Me?

Don’t go it alone: Addiction is a chronic illness and the best way to recovery requires expert treatment from rehabilitation professionals in a residential treatment facility setting.

Our rehab near Bury provides the expert help and treatment that can help a person completely recover from their drug or alcohol addiction.

Still unsure whether rehab is the right move?

It is important to get professional advice. This will help you understand the importance of rehabilitation and the help you will receive to fully recover from addiction. Read some of our clients testimonials to better understand how Acquiesce can help you to be successful on your road to recovery.

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