Rehab In Blackburn

We at Acquiesce offer drug and rehab services in Blackburn and the Greater Manchester region. We are dedicated to helping you fully recover from drug and alcohol addiction. We know drug addiction is not, in anyway a sign of weakness. But it does take more than just willpower to overcome addiction.

No matter how low you feel or how out of control you feel the addictions is, help and support is always available for the road to recovery. You should know, recover is not a simple process. However, Acquiesce have the team, knowledge, experience and facilities to make the addiction recovery procedure as comfortable and effective as possible.

Research has shown that illicit drug use, especially in young people, is one of the most significant challenges in England . We are dedicated to being a specialist team working on the interventions for substance misuse.

The facilities of our Rehab in Blackburn

Our rehab is local to Blackburn and easily accessible by local transport.

What makes Acquiesce one of the best private rehabs in Blackburn?

Our team and facilities – Recovering from alcohol and drug misuse is a stressful process. Our professional and friendly team understand this. That is why our team operate in facilities that are perfect for relaxation during the recovery procedure.

Let’s look deeper into what makes Acquiesce a key environment for the addiction recovery process.

Being in a comfortable and relaxing environment is important to a user recovering from addiction. That is why we offer a 19th century luxurious architectural setting, in which we provide dedicated activity areas. Here you can do alternative therapies such as yoga. Doing activities like this will inevitably help with recovery.

Professional support is key to recovery. Therefore, we keep a high staff-to-client ratio. The team at Acquiesce strive to spend the time needed with each user in our rehabilitation centre, which leads to our high success rate of recovery.

This amount of support from the Acquiesce team ensures a user is engaged with the rehabilitation programme. And any issues that arise, can be dealt with quick and efficiently.

A user shouldn’t feel like they’re alone in recovery. We at Acquiesce will be with you every step of the way through recovery.


We want a user to feel comfortable during their stay at our rehabilitation programme. This is why our rooms are of single occupancy and each one comes with a double bed. The room decor matches the 19th century feel to the building.


We want every single one of our entrees to the rehab programme to be successful in your recovery. Therefore, our successful rehabilitation programme lasts for 28-days. But this programme is unique to each person. We tailor the programme to each individual’s requirements. We gather the requirements on your initial assessment, this way we can plan exactly what will work for your recovery.


At Acquiesce rehabilitation centre, we have a team of highly skilled and certified professionals that offer a wide range of drug and alcohol help services. Our team of experts have spent many years in the field of addiction.

Our team of rehab experts will provide a range of services for drug and rehabilitation in Bury.

What rehab services can Acquiesce provide?

  • Detox
  • Rehab
  • Holistic
  • Drugs
  • Alcohol

We offer a varied treatment programme which also covers holistic therapies:

  • Psychological Mind
  • Social Connection
  • Spiritual Soul
  • Physical Body
  • Family Therapy


Acquiesce will help you;

  • Learn and understand about addiction – Discover the triggers of drug addiction.
  • Break the cycle of addiction – Learn how to stop drug and alcohol addiction and what you can do to avoid future temptations.
  • Build new healthy habits – Addiction leads to an unhealthy lifestyle.

Not only will you recover from addiction. You will be able to maintain a healthy lifestyle and stay away from future lures. This is key to long-term recovery.

It is important to get professional advice. This will help a user understand the importance of rehabilitation and the help they will receive to fully recover from addiction.

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