Psychological Therapy

This component of the Acquiesce rehab programme addresses the psychological aspect of addiction and recovery, which is concerned with an individual’s mind relating to their mental and emotional state. The importance of addressing this area is widely recognised and is paramount to a successful recovery journey.

The psychological cause and effect of addiction varies for each individual but can often include pain, stress, depression, anxiety and low self-esteem. Obsessive thinking resulting in compulsive behaviours despite the harmful consequences are common place. These repetitive and often destructive cycles can have a profound negative effect upon an individual’s emotional state and other areas of their well being.

  • -Cognitive behavioural therapy approaches
  • - Motivational interviewing
  • - Psychosocial interventions
  • - One to one counselling
  • - 12 Step approaches
  • - ITEP
  • - Behavioural activation
  • - Mindfulness
  • - Art therapy approaches
  • - Music therapy approaches

The Acquiesce rehab programme allows individuals to recognise, offer an understanding of, and provide solutions to the psychological aspect of addiction. This is achieved through a combination of evidenced based therapies, approaches and activities. These are delivered by our highly trained and experienced team in both group and one to one settings. The rehab programme of therapies is tailored to suit each individual and their specific needs. It is designed to provide all the tools and techniques necessary to change negative psychological patterns. The Acquiesce urban recovery rehab model allows individuals to implement and practice these in the real world while being in a safe and supported environment. This results in aiding a healthy, on-going and sustainable recovery journey.

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