Physical Therapy

This component of the Acquiesce rehab programme is designed to address the physical aspect of addiction and recovery. Living and enjoying a life outside the constraints of addiction often involves a process of becoming free from physical dependence. Acquiesce are able to support this journey.

At Acquiesce we believe that it is important for individuals to gain knowledge of the physical effects that occur within the brain and body through the use of substances. This is achieved through a series of workshops providing Psychoeducation. Once armed with a new and greater understanding of the problem an individual is better equipped to move into the solution.

  • - Support the journey to non-physical dependence
  • - Facilitate access to medically assisted detox programmes and services
  • - Psychoeducation
  • - Physical activities and exercise
  • - Nutritional education
  • - Health and well-being support
  • - Sleep hygiene practices
  • - Rest and relaxation
  • - Responsibility for secondary illnesses

An individual’s physical condition is closely connected to and impacts upon other important areas of their well-being. The Acquiesce programme addresses the physical element through the education and practice of smart health habits. Nutritional education will be provided. There will be workshops focusing on the importance of healthy sleep patterns and providing essential sleep hygiene practices. Individuals will engage in regular and varied physical activities and exercise to suit all abilities with periods of rest and relaxation being paramount. There will also be an emphasis upon individuals to take responsibility for secondary illnesses and support provided to do so.

In nurturing and improving physical wellness this will both aid and complement further components of the Acquiesce programme and help to provide the energy required for the recovery journey.

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