Our Alcohol & Drug Programme

Our core programme addresses the psychological, physical, spiritual and social effects of addiction. It is delivered by our highly trained and experienced team and incorporates the latest evidence based interventions alternative therapies and activities.

The programme is tailored to meet the individual’s needs in order to provide both a successful and enjoyable experience.


Psychological – Mind

This component of the Acquiesce rehab programme addresses the psychological aspect of addiction and recovery, which is concerned with an individual’s mind relating to their mental and emotional state.  The importance of addressing this area is widely recognised and is paramount to a successful recovery journey.



Physical – Body

This component of the Acquiesce rehab programme is designed to address the physical aspect of addiction and recovery. Living and enjoying a life outside the constraints of addiction often involves a process of becoming free from physical dependence. Acquiesce are able to support this journey. 



Spiritual – Soul

This element of the Acquiesce rehab programme allows individuals to build upon existing or gain an understanding of spirituality and how it can aid their recovery journey. This is achieved through a combination of therapies, workshops and practices.



Social – Connection

As in other areas the social cause and effect of addiction and relating consequences can vary widely for each individual. This element of the Acquiesce rehab programme is designed to be tailored to meet individual specific need. 

Our solution focused workshops aim to provide focus and direction and equip individuals with knowledge and practical skills necessary to positively progress in specific domains.



Family Therapy

Evidence shows that incorporating family therapy as part of an individual’s treatment programme can be an important factor in the effectiveness and success of their treatment.

At Acquiesce we offer a range of family therapies that includes, Behavioural Couple’s Therapy, Psychoeducation, Mediation and Bonding sessions plus family days and activities.