Our Pricing Explained

Acquiesce – Why £5,995?

At Acquiesce we want to be completely transparent with people looking to potentially complete their rehabilitation programme with us. We are a family run centre, and understand just how important to someone’s life the decision to go to rehab can be. 

Rehab can be expensive. There’s no getting away from that. However, at Acquiesce we pride ourselves on the fact the price we charge our clients is one of the lowest in the country for a programme of this type. 

Our 28 night, fully private, rehab programme’s price is £5,995, the lowest price for an all private rehab you’ll find in the UK. All of our rooms are also single occupancy rooms, so there is no need to worry about privacy for yourself, you will still be able to enjoy some alone time!

Having said this, we understand price isn’t the be all and end all when it comes to rehabilitation, you want to improve your life by helping deal with addiction and recovery – and for some people, they don’t care how much this costs. They just want to get better.

CQC Says Acquiesce Is Outstanding

We keep our costs down by keeping our rehab programmes simple. As the cheapest all private rehab centre in the UK, we have no bells and whistles, just programmes purely designed to help you begin to deal with your addiction(s). This doesn’t mean we have cut corners, far from it, and we are extremely proud of the facilities we provide.

Danielle Robinson, Service Manager at Acquiesce had the following to say:
“We are really proud of the facilities we have at our disposal. Although we offer low cost treatment programmes, our treatment is extremely high value, and we have recently been inspected by the CQC, being awarded the highest rating of all rehabs in England regarding the high quality, effective service we offer.”

CQC’s full report of the premises and service we offer can be found here.

The CQC found the following, when assessing Acquiesce:

Some of you, when researching which rehab centre is best for you, will see much higher prices than this. We are here to dispel the myth that the greater the price, the more likely you are to overcome addiction. When setting up Acquiesce, and from prior personal experience, we soon realised that whilst it’s nice to have a spa, and a masseur on hand whilst in rehab, these are not the things that will help you get better. We actually have a success rate which is consistently and significantly much higher than the national average of 60% – 70%.

What Do Our Clients Have to Say?

As with any product or service

Mark Watson:
“I enrolled for 28 days but kept extending my stay as I was enjoying my time here and was receiving so much information. I ended up staying for 3 months!”

Helen Overfield:
“I absolutely cannot speak highly enough of my experience and time at Acquiesce in Bolton. This is my 4th time in rehab and none of the 3 previous times have come anywhere near close to my experience at Acquiesce.”

Liz Sykes:
“The house and accommodation is very safe and feels just like a home from home.”

Michael Armour:

“I also loved the fact that the house where we lived is separate from the treatment facility, it felt like home from home.”

If you do want a spa, and thermal pools whilst you complete your rehabilitation programme, there is absolutely nothing wrong with this. Who doesn’t love a spa?! However, we feel this would simply inflate prices, and would not add any real benefit to our clients, in regards to their addictions. 

For more information, and some pictures, on the facilities at Acquiesce take a look here. Alternatively, give us a call today and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have!

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