acquiesce - May 14th, 2022

NHS Facing Record Number of Requests for Help With Addiction

Between April 2020 and March 2021, there were a record number of 275,896 adults in contact with drug and alcohol services. This is a small rise compared to the previous year (270,705).

According to Dr Adrian James, president of the Royal College of Psychiatrists, the coronavirus pandemic has led to an increase in new cases of mental health issues and exacerbated existing ones. 

Dr James said: The warning of the long tail of mental ill health caused by the pandemic has not been heeded. Many thousands of people will be left waiting far too long for the treatment they need unless the government wakes up to the crisis that is engulfing the country.”

Unfortunately, for those already struggling with addiction, this increase in mental health issues fuels the addiction, making it much more severe and difficult to recover from alone. 

With the current strain on the NHS following the pandemic, as well as the serious lack of staff, resources and funding, many people who desperately require help will be left on a long waiting list. Unfortunately, without immediate access to the right kind of help, the effects of untreated addiction could be devastating.

Get the Right Kind of Help with Acquiesce

Private rehabilitation is the most common alternative to NHS rehabilitation and can provide individuals with much more in-depth support. At Acquiesce, our rehabilitation programme takes place in a luxury residential accommodation, offering a high level of focused, individual treatment to no more than 6 residential individuals at any one time, providing a high quality service. 

This helps individuals learn how to live a fulfilling and enjoyable life free from drug and alcohol addiction. It is a common misconception that becoming substance free once means they will never turn to drugs or alcohol again, however, for many people this is not the case. 

Our recovery model is designed to reduce the likelihood of a relapse, teaching individuals how to overcome emotional triggers or social circles and environments where substance abuse occurs.

Why Should You Choose Private Rehabilitation?

No Long Waiting Lists

With so many people seeking treatment and such limited availability, the waiting list for NHS addiction treatment is incredibly long. At our private rehabilitation centre in Bolton, we provide almost immediate care following a free, confidential consultation, so you can get the help you need straight away and get on the road to recovery.

Round the Clock Support

Unlike NHS addiction services, which can only provide a limited amount of support to patients due to limited resources, private rehabilitation can provide in-depth, round the clock support to give you the best possible chance at a successful recovery.

In 2019, of all the people that accessed support with alcohol and substances support via the NHA, only 4% received inpatient or residential support as this is only offered in very severe circumstances. At Acquiesce, we provide residential rehab to everyone who attends.

Higher Success Rate

A study published in 2012 by the NHS’ National Treatment Agency for Substance Misuse UK analysed the success rates of every private clinic across the UK. It identified that the best performing facilities achieve success rates of between 60% and 80% of individuals receiving residential treatment remained abstinent five years after completing their programmes. 

Additionally, the success rates enjoyed by the best private rehab clinics are many times better than the rates achieved through NHS and community-based services. Put simply, you’re much more likely to achieve abstinence after five years by undergoing rehab at a private clinic like Acquiesce in Bolton.

Get The Right Kind Of Support Today

If you are struggling with an addiction and would like to schedule a free consultation with Acquiesce or find out more about our programmes, please call 01204 771940 or submit an entry form

Any questions you have will be answered by a member of our specialist recovery staff who will be happy to discuss the range of services we offer, in relation to your unique circumstances. Your enquiry and any personal information will remain confidential.

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