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Our priority at acquiesce is to provide an independent service that is sleek and modern but also warm and caring.

Experienced Addiction Specialists

Our team of trained and experienced staff are all based onsite at our Bolton facility. Here at Acquiesce many of our team have personal experience of addiction and recovery, and are all dedicated to helping you recover from your addiction. Take a look below to read more about our team members.


















Mior Azman
Bin Musa






Danielle Robinson

CQC Registered Service Manager

Danielle began working in the field of addiction over 16 years ago, she has undertaken various roles – as an Administrator, Practitioner, Detox and Rehabilitation Lead, Case Manager and in her last role managed both the Brief Intervention and Harm Reduction Services within community services. At a young age early in her career Danielle recognised that working with individuals suffering from addiction was something that she had a real interest in.

Her first role was as an administrator and receptionist at an NHS community substance misuse service, from working on the reception Danielle found that meeting people suffering with addiction and hearing their stories gave her a real drive to want to help and from there she studied and qualified to be a practitioner. Danielle completed a diploma in Health & Social Care and gained her Substance Misuse Practitioners Awards and from there joined the Federation of Drug and Alcohol Practitioners register. Danielle spent over 10 years of her career practicing in various areas within the field, within NHS Harm Reduction Services, Arch Initiatives Criminal Justice Services, BiDAS Case Management Services, Lifeline and also Change Grow Live Brief Intervention Services and Residential Services.

“Working across such a broad spectrum of areas has allowed me to see that although the specific consequence for each individual may differ the common path of addiction sadly remains the same. Addiction is progressive and no one can successfully recover alone.”

Danielle developed her qualifications and completed these alongside working within addiction services. She became degree qualified by completing a BA Hons Combined Social Sciences with a specialism in Sociology. Danielle progressed to management and was able to start to learn how to plan service delivery to enhance patient outcomes, from there she was able to manage teams with a common goal and vision to help addicts to recover. Danielle is driven and dedicated to her work she has a genuine passion for this field and for helping people.

“I feel you need to have a specific nature to work within this field and I personally would not choose to do anything else. It is so rewarding to see a person’s life repair, to see them making positive improvements to break free from addiction and to see them get themselves and their lives back.” In her spare time, Danielle enjoys the gym, hikes, walks, yoga and spending time with her family. Danielle also loves eating out, trying different cuisines and shopping.

Adrian Guffogg

Recovery Practitioner

Adrian has occupied various roles within the field of addiction treatment and is a registered with the Federation of Drug and Alcohol Practitioners (FDAP). Following his own personal journey into recovery, he found a passion for helping others to do the same. He began working as a volunteer for community drug and alcohol services where he quickly recognised that this is where he would like to dedicate his efforts and turn this passion and motivation to help others into a professional capability and career.

Adrian studied to gain his diploma in Health and Social Care, Substance Misuse Practitioners Award and also certified as an addiction specific Behavioural Couple’s Therapist. Adrian’s progression in education, qualification and experience within the field led him to occupy the role of Psychosocial Practitioner for Lifeline, a leading provider of local authority addiction treatment services at that time. Whereby he was responsible for managing a large caseload of clients and supporting their pathways to recovery through evidence based psychosocial interventions delivered in both group and 1-1 settings.

“To watch and support an individual go from the lost, lonely and fearful place of addiction into a journey of recovery with a new and regained sense of hope, self-worth and direction is so rewarding and an honour and privilege to be a part of.”

Other roles included Adrian being recruited to be a key part of a small team that was implemented and commissioned by Bolton council to work with more complex individuals who were experiencing combined issues of substance misuse, mental health, criminal justice and housing. The role involved both front line client interventions and also the coordination of multiagency working. The team was recognised for its work and won an award for its services at the iNetwork awards 2017.

“I truly believe that provided with the right environment and the correct therapeutic support and guidance that any individual can move from the darkness of addiction into the light of recovery and live and enjoy life to their full potential”

Adrian is a certified FDAP Practitioner

Tina Mccoy MBPSS

Senior Practitioner

Tina is a member of the British Psychological Society and has a First Class, Double Honours Degree in Psychology and Community Studies from the University of Bolton including a Diploma in Counselling with Distinction. She has been a vital member of the Acquiesce team since the beginning and holds a strong passion for the field of addiction. Tina began her journey in this area with the Bolton Drug and Alcohol Service, where she gained vital experience and expertise working with addiction in a community setting. During this time, she served as a Psychosocial Intervention Practitioner before joining Acquiesce.

As our Senior Practitioner, she has extensive experience in co-ordinating the recovery journey of our residents and families affected by substance misuse and affiliated issues and we are so happy to have her on our team. Tina is a forward thinker and skilled in the delivery of a variety of interventions, techniques and approaches to support the recovery process. She is also an esteemed graduate member of the British Psychological Society and is talented in understanding the workings of the addicted brain. She refuses to let our residents go through the treatment programme without addressing each aspect of their behavioural issues. She is very committed to enabling people to grow and attain effective long-term personal development. Along with her other qualifications Tina is a Member of the Federation of Drug & Alcohol Practitioners (FDAP) and holds an NCFE Substance Misuse and Mental Health Award.

“Having the privilege of helping individuals and families through the recovery process is one of the most rewarding feeling I have ever experienced.”

Tina is absolutely devoted to helping our residents achieve sobriety, and to educate and direct their affected families through the healing process. She firmly believes that everyone’s path to recovery is unique and this is fully embraced, in the treatment programme, here at Acquiesce. She is often heard telling others, “this is not a job ……... it is a calling.”

In her free time, Tina loves travelling with her family and going on long walks with her adorable Yorkshire Terrier, Benji. She enjoys yoga and meditating and you will often find her sharing her passion of meditation and positive affirmations with the residents.

Tina is a certified FDAP Practitioner

Mike Burns

Support Worker

As a vital member of the team, we are pleased to have Mike provide valued support for the residents of Acquiesce. Mike first discovered his purpose and passion for helping others when he joined Acquiesce as a volunteer. In his role as a Support Worker Mike is dedicated to assisting people overcome addiction and supporting them to rebuild their lives on a foundation of health, well-being and spirituality. Through an individualised process, Mike collaborates with his team daily to provide the best possible care and support.

Currently in recovery himself he brings a solid understanding of addiction recovery, a depth of creativity in supporting individuals in addiction, and a deep, warm compassion and interest in helping people achieve their potential. Mike has completed a Concept Counselling Course and is a qualified SMART facilitator. It is his goal to empower residents in supporting them as they search for connection, hope, fulfilment and success. The residents of Acquiesce greatly benefit from his expertise and skill throughout their journey of healing and recovery.

“I feel honoured to have the opportunity to be working in this field helping other individuals with many of the same struggles I faced in early recovery. Furthermore, he believes that recovery is a dynamic and evolving process that incorporates structure, honesty, open mindedness, humour and adventure.”

When he is not working Mike enjoys watching football, dog walking and spending time with his wife and children.

Steven Downs

Recovery Practitioner

Steven began his career in the field of addiction treatment services in 2011 as a volunteer, working for ADS in Wigan. Steven’s passion and dedication was quickly rewarded by gaining the position of mentor coordinator. “Having battled addiction myself it soon became apparent that I had found my vocation in helping others to rebuild their lives and become the best version of themselves”

Prior to joining the Acquiesce team in June 2018 Steven worked for the Community Drug Team in Bolton for six years, working for Arch Initiatives, Lifeline Projects, CGL and the Big Life Group. During this time Steven worked with clients at all levels, ranging from brief advice, to the most vulnerable in the community as part of the assertive outreach team. Whilst working for the Community Drug Team Steven was tasked with many specialist projects, including setting up, and establishing SMART recovery, building relationships with local employers, and founding a new service user group which organised dry nights in the local area.

“Learning to socialise in a safe space is an integral part of the recovery process. I am very proud of the part I played in building a thriving recovery Community here in Bolton.”

Steven is a Member of the Federation of Drug & Alcohol Practitioners and degree level qualified. Additionally Steven hold 2 diploma’s one in Health and Social Care and another in Counselling Concepts. Steven’s journey with Acquiesce commenced in January 2017 as a sessional worker employed to deliver the SMART Recovery programme:

“For me Acquiesce was like a breath of fresh air, offering 12 step combined with a variety of CBT approaches including SMART recovery. The prospect of working in an urban setting with a unique programme provided me with the opportunity to use my experience and skillset to the best advantage”Steven is the latest member to join the Acquiesce team and like his fellow colleagues he is devoted to creating a safe, caring environment, where our residents can feel welcomed, enabling them to flourish in their recovery.Steven’s passion for recovery is infectious and he is always prepared to go the extra mile for the residents. Steven has a personal love when it comes to expanding his mind on the latest addiction research.

Steven is a certified FDAP Practitioner

Carla Guffogg

Carla shares Acquiesce’s passion for helping people affected by addiction.

Carla studied at Preston College where she gained qualifications in Mental Health, Well-being and Substance Misuse. In recovery herself, her journey with Acquiesce started when she began to volunteer in order to help individuals on the road to recovery. Carla never gave up on her dream of pursuing a career within the field of addiction and recently joined the team as a Support Worker.

Her love of assisting people has provided her with a depth of expertise in helping our residents reach their potential. Carla has volunteered for the Amy Winehouse Foundation and the Resilience Project. During her time as a volunteer she has helped both children in schools and recovering individuals to build resilience and happiness.

Treatment at Acquiesce is tailored to each resident’s individual needs and Carla strongly believes.

“Everyone who enters our treatment programme is capable of positive change.”

As part of her role Carla strives to facilitate the resident’s transition into the life of recovery and guide them on to a path of independence. Her motivational abilities are valued by the residents and staff alike.

When she is not working Carla enjoys the gym, long walks, nature and spending time with family and friends. Acquiesce is grateful to have a passionate and dedicated member on the team who is always on hand to guide our residents on their journeys to recovery.


MargaretMary’s feels her personal journey and decision to move into recovery saved her life and led her to discovering her passion for working with people who suffer with issues of addiction

MargaretMary has a vast range of knowledge and experience having worked across multiple areas of recovery. Some of which being facilitating SMART Recovery and being an active member within mental health forums. Additionally, MargaretMary has an excellent understanding and experience of the 12 step fellowships.

“At Acquiesce it is great to be working as a support worker and to be part of a supportive team. I am living proof that choosing recovery works”

MargaretMary has a number of hobbies, she enjoys listening to audiobooks, going to the cinema, going to the theatre and dancing.

She has an interest in human politics and makes it her mission to learn something new every day.

Eleanor Iannaccone

I started volunteering at Acquiesce and immediately fell in love with the field of addiction treatment. During my time volunteering, an opportunity arose for a Recovery Coach position. I embraced this opportunity and applied for the role. Every day brings new challenges and opportunities to learn and progress.

My position as Recovery Coach is inspiring and I am dedicated to my role and I ensure that the clients always come first. I worked in the sport sector before embarking on a new journey coaching clients on their path to recovery, I wouldn’t change it for the world. I find it so interesting and rewarding working with and supporting clients suffering from addiction and being able to be a part of their journey is so heart-warming. I am devoted to making a safe and nurturing environment for the clients and I always make sure that I am ready to assist them with their daily needs. I consider myself to be an integral part of every client’s success and well-being.

“Seeing how clients grow and develop is very gratifying. Knowing that you have been able to make a difference to someone’s life, for the better, is what makes my job so rewarding.”

Every client that walks through the door is unique and has their own story, however, no one can recover from addiction alone.

I am a Smart Recovery Facilitator and being able to pass my knowledge on to help others is so fulfilling. When I am not working, I enjoy walking, photography, spending time and playing games with family, seeing my friends, eating out and travelling.

Mior Azman Bin Musa

Mior has been a yoga practitioner for over 20 years. He has a very calm attitude towards his practice and has a gentle approach in his teaching.

He is known by our clients as a strong yet extremely flexible man. He has a wonderful personality and is very friendly towards everyone. He is totally relaxed in his session and our clients speak highly of him.

Toni Morton

Previously working in the Sales industry Toni always dreamed that one day she would be working in the field of addiction recovery.

As a vital member of the team, we are pleased to have Toni provide valued support for the residents of Acquiesce. Toni’s passion for helping people in addiction came from her time as a volunteer for ‘Recovery Homes’. She is dedicated to assisting people overcome addiction and supporting them to rebuild their lives on a foundation of health, well-being and spirituality. Through an individualised process, Toni collaborates with her team daily to provide the best possible care and support.

Being in recovery herself, Toni has a solid appreciation of addiction recovery, a depth of creativity in supporting individuals through sobriety journeys, and a deep, warm compassion and interest in helping people achieve their potential. It is her goal to empower residents in supporting them as they search for connection, hope, fulfilment and success. The residents of Acquiesce greatly benefit from her understanding of addiction throughout their journey of healing and recovery.

‘My greatest reward from working at Acquiesce is sharing my knowledge that there is another way to live, and it’s a life full of peace and freedom.’

Toni particularly looks forward to welcoming residents when they first enter treatment and has the ability to make them feel safe, relaxed and comfortable as they begin their recovery journey. You will often hear Toni say,

’My Work is incredibly rewarding, I find it an honour and privilege to play a part in the stories of the residents. To see these people, move forward and finally reunite with an amazing ‘Self,’ that has now been found, is why I love what I do.’

Toni enjoys spending most of her free time with her family and doing outdoor activities. One of her hobbies is going for long walks up to the Rivington Pike. She also enjoys playing rounders.


I am excited to be joining the team here at Acquiesce. I have experience in reputable and long standing gyms like Total Fitness, The Bolholt and Salford leisure Centres. It is my absolute passion to help people feel better about themselves by delivering an outstanding professional and fun workouts!

I am constantly updating my knowledge within the industry by going on recent up to date courses. This helps me to bring the very best knowledge to my class participants, giving them safe and effective workouts. My job is to lead, instruct and motivate groups through exercise activities. These include cardiovascular exercises (for the heart, lungs and blood system), strength and stretching exercises (for the muscles and bones). I have worked with people of all ages with different skill and fitness levels.

‘my name is Sheryl and I have been working in the Fitness Industry as a Personal Trainer and Class Instructor combined for 20 years! ’

I hold qualifications in Level 3 Instructing Pilates Mat work, Emergency First Aid at Work, Exercise to Music, Advanced Fitness Instructor (Personal Trainer), Les Mills Body balance (New Yoga – Thai Chi, Yoga and Pilates all in one workout) Aqua aerobics, Aqua natal (pregnancy aqua classes) Step Aerobics, Core Stability, I also specialise in Hormonal exercise (Metabolic Effect Training) to set your Metabolism on fire.

I also teach the I Move Freely programme. A series of exercise techniques to improve the body’s internal mechanics. They both complement each other nicely, helping to keep the mind and body healthy. I look forward to meeting you

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