Lesley kelly

Lesley Kelly is a fully insured Yoga Instructor qualifying under the bodies of Yoga alliance and Independent Yoga Network and teaches in the North West.  Lesley was first drawn to meditation and working with the breath to deal with stress and an inability to feel centred and calm. This naturally lead her on to her yoga path and Lesley focuses deeply on the relation, steadiness, and harmony of body and mind that yoga has to offer.

Yoga helps you reconnect with thoughts through stilling the mind to observe what you are thinking.  The breath work helps the nervous system because if you can connect and slow down the breath, messages to the brain say ‘I am calm’.  The physical, slow and deliberate movements offered in a Yoga class brings you back into awareness of your body and all the above help to anchor you into the present moment.

Lesley teaches yoga to staff and clients working in private and NHS mental health in the surrounding area and finds it a meaningful way to deliver her classes.  Lesley does a lot of work in the community and also teaches in Universities, behavioural units, mental health units and the bigger gyms like DW and Total Fitness.