Jonny’s Story

Jonny started rehab late January after an explosive row with his girlfriend of 4 years. Her parents had become involved and it was time that things changed. With some help from a friend Jonny was accepted at Acquiesce. From that day onward when he traveled to Bolton by train, not only did his life change, but so did mine and the rest of my family.

Jonny was in a safe place. I did not have to worry if he was eating, driving, working or even breathing!!! Something I had not done for many years. I started to sleep the night through and so did my husband, Jonny’s step-father. We stopped bickering about him and whether he was still smoking cannabis or not. We had no idea he was using cocaine.

I only spoke to him for a few minutes a day and within days I noticed the change in him. My son was slowly coming back to us. He has changed so much in the three months he has been at Acquiesce; he doesn’t get angry and shout, he seems to be so much happier in his own skin. He has developed life skills, like cleaning, washing and cooking for himself that he never had before. Most of all he started to believe in himself and I know that is because the work that Acquiesce had done with him; giving him the tools not to relapse. When he came home for a weekend the change was also physical; he had put on weight, was a good colour, his wicked sense of humour has come back and best of all he wasn’t dirty and didn’t smell.


“I can't thank Acquiesce enough for giving my son a chance to totally change his life and also for giving me my life back.”

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