acquiesce - February 25th, 2022

Great Walks in the Manchester Area- Helping Relieve Anxiety Through Exercise

Most addiction treatments focus on the root of the addiction and use talk therapy or counselling to help the individual figure out why they engage in addictive behaviours and develop more effective ways of coping with the feelings that trigger the behaviour. 

As part of this treatment, many rehabilitation centres offer exercise sessions as research has shown that exercise reduces stress, improves sleep quality & quantity, boosts mood and increases energy, all of which can help an individual to lessen the chances of a relapse.

A great way to introduce more exercise into your day-to-day life is by going on regular walks. Not only does this offer both physical and psychological benefits but by getting outside for a walk, you will also be able to get some Vitamin D. This is crucial as recent studies have found that a Vitamin D deficiency can delay recovery and increase the risk of a relapse.

In this guide, we’ve put together some of our favourite walks to do in the Manchester area. 

1. Rivington Pike

Popular with walkers from the Bolton area, this two-mile hike is best for those who don’t mind a moderate incline and offers fantastic views across Bolton, the Lake District and Blackpool Tower and even the Isle of Man on a clear day.

The walk takes you from the Rivington Hall Barn (where there is free parking) through terraced gardens, up to the Pigeon Tower and the stunning Japanese Gardens which is a fantastic spot to take a break on the bench and enjoy the surroundings. 

2. Philips Park

If you’re looking for an incredibly pretty walk in Manchester, Philips Park is the place for you. Renowned for its ancient woodland, diverse wildlife and stunning flowers, this two-and-a-half mile walk is impressive and offers a number of historic features such as the serpentine paths, amphitheatre and carriage drive.

For those after a longer walk, this 4 mile looped route around Manchester is the perfect option. Starting out at Blackfriars, the River Irwell course will take you across plenty of greenery as you cross over to The Meadow, into Peel Park and then the David Lewis Sports Grounds. You can also find plenty of great places to stop off for a bite to eat along the way.

3. Wigan Pier to Leigh Bridge

This 7 mile walk starts at the iconic Wigan Pier and takes you through the lakes and waterways known as the Wigan Flash, finishing at Leigh Bridge. The canal-side trail is rich in natural history and heritage, making for an interesting trail.

4. Greenbooth Reservoir Circular Walk

Greenbooth Reservoir Circular Walk is a 4.3 miles loop trail near to Rochdale. This fantastic walk is slightly more challenging than others due to its steep rises and descents, so if you’re up for more of a challenge, this walk is for you. There are 4 reservoirs which are all linked and miles of green fields all around.

For more tips and advice on managing your mental health in order to sustain your recovery, get in touch with our team at Acquiesce today.

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