Family Support

The consequences of addiction can have a widespread and rippling effect. It often has the greatest impact on those closest to the individual in addiction. The effects of addiction upon family units and significant others can be devastating and cause a variety of issues.
  • - Financial strain
  • - Emotional pain
  • - Feelings of betrayal
  • - Breakdown of relationships
  • - Anger
  • - Anxiety, stress and depression

An individual’s physical condition is closely connected to and impacts upon other important areas of their well-being. The Acquiesce programme addresses the physical element through the education and practice of smart health habits. Nutritional education will be provided. There will be workshops focusing on the importance of healthy sleep patterns and providing essential sleep hygiene practices. Individuals will engage in regular and varied physical activities and exercise to suit all abilities with periods of rest and relaxation being paramount. There will also be an emphasis upon individuals to take responsibility for secondary illnesses and support provided to do so.

In nurturing and improving physical wellness this will both aid and complement further components of the Acquiesce programme and help to provide the energy required for the recovery journey.

Each family member develops their own way of coping and responding to the situation often according to their personal beliefs. These can be unhealthy and ineffective for both themselves and the individual in addiction.

  • Denial of the problem
  • Attempts to control the addictive behaviour
  • Aggressive communication
  • Enabling of negative behaviour
  • Total detachment from the individual in addiction

At Acquiesce we offer a range of family support this includes, family psychoeducation and update calls to your loved ones. Evidence shows that including family as part of an individual’s treatment programme can be an important factor in the effectiveness and success of their treatment. Family support can have many benefits. It aims to provide all concerned with a greater understanding of addiction and recovery. This helps to demystify any confusion and offer clarity of a family members role and limitations within the process. It provides a recognition of current responses and provides alternatives and often more productive ways to manage issues.

If your loved one is not yet ready to address their issues of addiction you can still access support from our Family Therapy Programme.

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