acquiesce - August 3rd, 2022

Drug Related Deaths on the Rise in England and Wales

Today, the Office for National Statistics released their latest publication on deaths related to drug poisoning in England and Wales in 2021.

Their data found that in 2021, there were 4,859 registered deaths that were related to drug poisoning.

This number is the highest since records began in 1993, equivalent to a rate of 84.4 deaths per million people in England and Wales.

It is also a 6.5% increase from the rate recorded in 2020 (79.5 deaths per million), suggesting drug abuse and addiction is a significant growing problem.

Which Drugs Were Most Responsible?

Almost half (45.7%) of these drug poisonings involved an opiate and Heroin and Morphine continued to be the most frequently mentioned opiates on coroner’s death certificates, with 1,213 drug poisoning deaths mentioning either one of these substances in 2021.

840 deaths involved cocaine- seven times the amount recorded a decade ago in 2011, when 112 cocaine related deaths were reported.

This suggests that cocaine addiction is also a growing problem in England and Wales, as it continues to be the second most-used drug after cannabis over the last decade.

Other drug-related deaths involved substances such as antidepressants, benzodiazepines, paracetamol, tramadol, amphetamine, codeine, ecstasy/MDMA and cannabis.

Where are Drug Related Deaths Most Prevalent?

The North East was found to have the highest rate of deaths related to drug poisoning and drug misuse, with 163.4 deaths per million people.

London was found to have the lowest rate for drug poisonings (47.6 deaths per million) and the East of England had the lowest rate for drug misuse (27.4 per million).

Who Is Most Affected?

The ONS’ data found that there were over twice as many male drug-related deaths (3,275) reported deaths than female (1,584) and the rates of drug misuse death continued to be elevated among individuals born in the 1970s, also known as ‘Generation X’.

How to Get Help with a Drug Addiction

The Office for National Statistics’ report found that the North West had the second highest rate of drug-related deaths. At Acquiesce, we’re committed to helping those in the North West and individuals from the UK who are struggling with drug addiction.

If you think you may be struggling with an alcohol or drug addiction, our team at Acquiesce is here to help. 

Drug Addiction Recovery at Acquiesce

Our treatment for drug addiction begins with a free confidential consultation with one of our expert recovery practitioners via the phone or by booking an appointment to see us at the recovery centre. 

Together, we will then determine your individual needs and suitability for safe treatment with the service.

Once we have established the correct detoxification plan and treatment pathway, Acquiesce will provide a safe and therapeutic environment, ideal for the recovery from drug addiction.

Our combination programme of evidence based therapies is then delivered by a team of experienced professionals, addressing the physical, psychological, social and spiritual aspects of drug addiction.

Individuals will learn to understand their addiction and gain the knowledge and tools for an ongoing sustainable solution and recovery from drug addiction.

To start your recovery journey, get in touch for a free, confidential consultation with one of our helpful team members at Acquiesce or find more help and advice here.

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