acquiesce - November 22nd, 2021

Drug Rehab Near Manchester

Acquiesce Rehabilitation Centre offers drug, alcohol and gambling rehabilitation services for those in the Manchester and Greater Manchester region, including Bolton, Burnley, Bury, Rochdale, Trafford, Wigan and Salford.

Unfortunately, Manchester and the wider community of Greater Manchester has some of the most severe problems with drugs and alcohol has one of the highest rates of alcohol, drug and gambling addictions

The number of dependent drinkers in Manchester was last estimated to be 2.35% of the population, which is 70% higher than the national rate and according to Manchester Evening News, there are more than 10,000 ‘problem’ or ‘at risk’ gamblers in just Bury alone.

Figures from Public Health England (PHE) have also revealed that nine of Greater Manchester’s ten boroughs have a higher rate of alcohol related deaths than the national average, as well as higher than the average rates in key alcohol and drug related indicators, including hospital admissions in adults and under 18s, alcohol related deaths, and deaths directly caused by alcohol. 

The rate of hospital admissions for alcohol-specific conditions is 53% higher in Greater Manchester than the England average and the rate of alcohol-specific mortality episodes per 100,000 in Greater Manchester is 50% higher than the nationwide average.

The Greater Manchester Drug and Alcohol Strategy states that:

“Drugs and alcohol are everybody’s business. Drugs and alcohol impact on the health and wellbeing of our residents, the safety of our communities, and the vibrancy and economic future of our town centres and night time economies. It is everyone’s responsibility to make sure we minimise the potential risks and harms they cause.”

Addiction Treatment Near Manchester

One of the biggest challenges faced by individuals suffering with addiction is reaching out to help due to the stigma surrounding addiction as well as feelings of shame, guilt and fear when it comes to telling their families and friends about what they are experiencing. 

This is why we offer a totally anonymous and judgement free service to help individuals recover. Our programmes include a range of physical, spiritual and social approaches and with our centre based in Bolton, Greater Manchester, we use an urban recovery model that provides a discreet, highly supported and safe environment within the community. 

We do this because many individuals have found that the favourable conditions of rehabs such as manor houses in the countryside help with the initial detox but fail to prepare them for the reality of everyday life once they leave the rehab facility, leading to relapse. We aim to make the transition as smooth as possible, mitigating the risk of a relapse and increasing your chances of a drug-free life moving forward.

Without being hidden from the real world, individuals are able to gain all the tools and skills necessary for their recovery whilst maintaining a carefully monitored level of autonomy and responsibility. This makes any transitional period from treatment a much smoother process resulting in a more sustainable recovery journey.

Our range of programmes are designed to suit each individual’s lifestyle and responsibilities. The dayhab programme is non-residential and offers local treatment, allowing them to build their way to recovery in their local area whilst continuing to meet any familial commitments and responsibilities that prevent them from being in full residential rehabilitation.

Which Programme Is Best For Me?

Before starting your recovery at Acquiesce, you will first have a consultation with one of our expert recovery practitioners who will discuss your individual circumstances to determine the right kind of treatment for you together. 

For less severe addictions and for those with day-to-day responsibilities and commitments, dayhab may be the right solution. For individuals with more extreme addictions, a more focused and in-depth solution is often required, such as residential rehab.

Get Support with Your Addiction Near Manchester

To start your recovery journey, get in touch for a free, confidential consultation with one of our helpful team members at Acquiesce or find more help and advice here.

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