acquiesce - March 1st, 2021

Drug Addiction Recovery at Home

A common fear of people wanting to recover from addiction is that they must attend a residential rehabilitation programme and will be trapped there until the programme is over. At Acquiesce, we understand that for many people, being in full time rehabilitation is either unappealing or unrealistic for a range of reasons, including your existing commitments. That’s why we have a range of programmes available to suit your circumstances and family responsibilities, including recovering from home.

Our Programmes


For those people wishing to get help with detoxing without entering a residential rehabilitation programme, the Detox programme facilitates the safe removal of substances from the body and manages the withdrawal symptoms. This is a very useful programme, as going cold turkey with no help can be dangerous for those who have become reliant on a substance to function and may result in withdrawal symptoms such as seizures, which can be fatal without the right kind of help. Detox is the first step to recovery.


At Acquiesce we understand that alcohol, drugs and gambling are sometimes a method of coping with negative experiences or feelings. The Residential programme targets the root issue which you may be experiencing by offering a combination package that includes the 12 steps and cognitive behavioural therapy based approaches. This type of treatment offers a recovery focused code of behaviour in which to live by whilst teaching new skills and offering resources that help to treat the addiction in day to day life on a practical level. 

Whilst we hope you will complete the full programme, you are never forced to stay or made to feel like you are trapped. We do everything in our power to make rehabilitation as calm and enjoyable as possible. Our social and leisure activities allow you to have fun during your rehabilitation, though there is no pressure to participate as we understand that socialising can often be daunting for those in their early stages of recovery.


If those feelings of imprisonment are a big concern for you or you have personal commitments that mean you cannot dedicate all of your time to the Residential programme, you may wish to consider Dayhab. 

This programme is flexible to accommodate you, including your commitments such as childcare, business etc… We plan around your individual circumstances to ensure there is less pressure on top of your recovery. 

This programme is non-residential and offers local treatment, allowing you to build your way to recovering in your hometown which can be very beneficial to support long term results. This means you can spend the majority of your recovery at home and only need to attend for the necessary steps required to recover. In 5-7 weeks, you will have weekly 1-1 sessions with your Practitioner, an introduction to 12 steps and many more approaches that you can find here. A full assessment and aftercare package is included, making sure you have the right resources to continue your recovery after the programme. 

Although the standard Dayhab treatment is between 09:30 and 16:00, from 5 to 7 days a week, you can discuss and agree your commitment with a Recovery Practitioner before the treatment starts.

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