acquiesce - January 28th, 2022

Acquiesce’s ‘Outstanding’ CQC Inspection 2021

We are absolutely thrilled to announce that following a routine Care Quality Commission (CQC) inspection on 1st December 2021, Acquiesce has been awarded an ‘Outstanding’ overall inspection rating! This is the highest possible rating for services in health and social care and we are incredibly proud to be delivering such a high quality service to those in Bolton and its surrounding areas!

As the independent regulator of health and social care in England, CQC must register, inspect and monitor the quality of services based on 5 lines of enquiry: 

Are services safe, effective, caring, responsive and well-led

At the end of the inspection, a summary is given on what was found and the highlights of the inspection. CQC then provides any suggestions they think necessary on how to improve the service and the final inspection rating is confirmed. 

The possible ratings are ‘Inadequate’, ‘Requires Improvement’ ‘Good’ and ‘Outstanding’. We were rated outstanding overall for being effective, caring, and responsive to people’s needs and well-led and rated good for being safe. 

In the report, CQC highlighted some of the outstanding practices they observed during their inspection at Acquiesce. Brian Cranna, CQC’s head of hospital inspection (mental health and community health services), said:

“​​During the inspection, we observed warm and caring interactions between staff and clients. Clients were clearly comfortable in the treatment service and staff were friendly, considerate and supportive with clients and their needs during the day.”

“Feedback from people was consistently positive, and the service provided a flexible and tailored group work approach to meet individual needs. People felt treatment sessions gave them the knowledge and tools they need to help their recovery, and felt they were interesting, varied and well delivered.”

“Staff were well trained and knowledgeable and staff morale was high. The service had a non-executive board which included external directors who would challenge and encourage innovation.”

“Staff went the extra mile to plan towards opportunities for people leaving the service. Examples included people who had left the service, had gone on to do voluntary work and then paid employment supported by the service.”

“The service benchmarked their completion data with NDTMS and had consistently higher completion rates than similar services. 

Overall, the service was well-led and its open culture encouraged creativity and innovation. I encourage people to read this and other inspection reports for services we have rated outstanding to see what they can learn.”

You can read the full report here.

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