About Us


Acquiesce, 23-25 All Saints Street, Bolton, BL1 2EJ

About Acquiesce

Acquiesce’s main aims are to deliver the most effective addiction treatment in cost, quality and accessibility.

 “Our priority at Acquiesce is to provide an independent service that is sleek and modern but also warm and caring.”

Acquiesce employs a combination treatment programme which incorporates both therapeutic and 12 step interventions. Acquiesce has found delivering a combination treatment programme extremely effective. The therapeutic and 12 step interventions complement each other and work well in combination.

Each staff member of Acquiesce has been specifically recruited to build a highly skilled and experienced team in order to effectively deliver a combination treatment programme.

“Our staff member’s commitment and passion shows in the way they dedicate themselves to their role and to supporting individuals achieve recovery”

At Acquiesce we pride ourselves on offering a high level of focused, individual treatment to no more than 6 residential individuals at any one time, providing a high quality service at a low cost and ensuring we provide an environment which encourages recovery.

“Acquiesce has a real family atmosphere and individuals are able to comfortably settle into the programme very quickly.”

Our highly-qualified staff understand and offer a unique way of delivering an effective programme in the following key areas;

Low Numbers of Individuals in Treatment:

  • 6 beds

  • Bespoke packages available to accommodate existing commitments

  • Individuals in treatment get to know all the staff and all the staff get to know each individual

  • Smaller groups are less overwhelming for individuals to take part in which gives each individual the opportunity to take part and make the most of each session

  • Acquiesce offers individuals dignity and privacy as all our rooms are single occupancy double bedrooms

  • High level of staff to client ratio resulting in focused treatment

  • Increased success rate

Our Environment:

  • Acquiesce provides an atmosphere which allows the recovery process to be productive yet enjoyable

  • Safe therapeutic environment where individuals are treated with respect

  • The location of Acquiesce was chosen purposefully this is part of the treatment provided

  • Our treatment centre is family friendly. Acquiesce understand that addiction is a family illness, families are welcome to visit their loved ones at our treatment centre

  • Both the accommodation and treatment centre are comfortable, warm and welcoming

  • Immediate access

High Quality, Low Cost:

Acquiesce have made private rehabilitation a financially accessible option which offers uncompromised high quality treatment at a low cost

  • Independent service – We are not part of a large corporate organisation

  • Opening hours of Acquiesce – We are open 24 hours

  • Contact numbers - 01204 771940 

  • Email address – danielle.robinson@acquiesce.org.uk

  • Bolton is a geographically well-connected area and benefits from having a central train and bus station therefore you should find it fairly easy to travel to.

  • When planning your journey to visit Acquiesce please let us know as we may be able to collect you from the bus or train station.

  • Transportation can be arrange for individuals on admission and discharge and this will be discussed and arranged with you by one of the Acquiesce staff members.

How to get to Acquiesce:

  • We are easily accessible from Bolton town centre

  • Acquiesce is just a 10/15 minute walk from the central train-station in Bolton town centre

  • We are just a 10/15 minute walk from the central bus station in Bolton town centre